Dragonflight to Shadowlands, How to unlock covenant now?

I want to use a certain appearance set i assume i need to choose a covenant for but its making me replay the whole quest chain is this seriously the only way now? Im already level 60 is it just locked to 70? I cannot do threads of fate that seems to be gone. I would love some help or ideas

Threads of Fate should be available to characters at 60, but it seems to be buggy and not all characters are getting access. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any workarounds in those cases other than doing the campaign.

I believe that the Covenant cosmetics become unlocked for all characters once one character has maxxed out their renown for the Covenant. (So, for example, I’ve got a character at level 49 that’s never set foot in Shadowlands using parts of the Queen’s Conservatory set that my main unlocked.) So, if you’ve got characters that have already done Shadowlands stuff, getting their renown up to get it unlocked on the account may be the better choice anyhow.