Dragonflight: Step Foot into the Magnificence of the Ohn’Ahran Plains

Dragonflight: Step Foot into the Magnificence of the Ohn’Ahran Plains

Discover a verdant region filled with sweeping plateaus, mesas, groves, and valleys abundant with life where the green dragonflight once roamed.

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The music in this zone is just soothing and relaxing.

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Give us Pandaren Warlocks, and I will step all over the Ohn’Ahran Plains with my demon army.


reminds me of dreanor…

Im gonna ‘try’ it, cuz I paid for it…
but really wish you people would quit forcing stuff in order to progress the stories…

The dragon riding thing? while part of the expansion, don’t believe we should HAVE to do it just to get thru the story stuff…Just feels forced, which makes me cringe

You can totally just not use it. There are flight paths and no one is stopping you from using a normal mount Sure you cant fly but you wouldn’t be able to anyway if dragon riding wasn’t a thing.
But it feels so good to fly on a one of these dragon’s you may be annoyed now but i bet you change your mind on this one…

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Just the way the Jailer planned it from the very beginning.

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Next you will want furry Succubi and Incubi.

except I am told by other posters you cannot progress thru the story unless you use these things

The areas are my favorite part of Dragonflight.

I’d rather if they were the current demons.

Just glad the zones don’t seem rushed like some parts of Shadowlands. WoW can still produce quality open world even with its old engine.

I was just thinking I hope it had good easy music in it.

More ASMR ooooooooh so soothing