Dragonflight Season 4 Content Update Notes

Please let there be a way to deactivate Awakened Raids past Week 7!


Nerfing three healers. Brilliant Blizzard, absolutely brilliant.


Realistically I don’t think healing nerfs are going to be noticeable. Instead of 35% overhealing there will now be 30% overhealing.

It’s even less for Disc lol


The resto shaman nerf is the most bizarre change. It’s an under represented healer in M+ and already had very little presence in high keys. I really don’t understand it.

But then again, I don’t understand why the tanking and dps imbalances weren’t addressed at all, either. We didn’t see meaningful changes for most of S3 either and speculated it was because of MDI and such, but apparently that wasn’t the reason.


This is really not how overhealing works. At all.

    • In-combat resurrection spells in Looking for Raid difficulty now use the same shared-charge system as other raid difficulties.
    • Groups in Looking for Raid difficulty now start combat with six in-combat resurrection charges, and gain a charge every 90-150 seconds, depending on group size.

This is a fun patch note because it sounds like a nerf but it’s actually a massive buff: it means a single player that actually knows what a Battle Rez is can do all the battle rezzes for the whole raid.


Oh snap, that’s this week!

Can we have some clarification on catalyst and tier acquisition ? Will there still be token for heroic kill or KSM? What score is KSM now ?


Players should be able to deactivate the awakened raid as an option to farm mounts for their guild.

Also VDH could use a little…lookin’ at before launch.


Can we turn off the awakened bit to raid? I don’t wanna redo mythic Fyrakk for the mounts for my guild on a harder difficulty for no reason.


Evergreen content should mean we don’t have to wait till next expansion to fix it. >.>

I’d really consider doing the stat squish in TWW and ship the World Soul Saga as a 3 expansion continuous event.

These 8 month lulls of no class changes are incredibly boring.

Can someone explain what they are doing with Mythic dungeons like I’m a 2 year old… I’ve read it, but my german heritage is making my brain go hurrrrr? …

Is there no Season Master achievement this season? The one for either Heroic end boss, 1600 rated pvp, or 2000 M+ score? Was a nice way to get a guaranteed Elite or Heroic piece.

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I feel bad for the guilds that just wanted to get a Fyrakk mount for everyone. The harder difficulty should be optional.


Werent there changes for open world content on the roadmap for season 4?

Were those canned?

If so, I guess it’s time to let the sub lapse without renewing.

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Don’t forget to nerf Demon Hunters. Very Important!

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The…the class tuning is a few healer nerfs? :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


What about the catalyst for converting items to tier for players who do not raid? Is that going to be available with one charge earned per week like it is now?

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Yawn… I might as well skip this season with VDH being still so broken. GG till The War Within

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Are you shocked, it’s Ion and Co, they don’t care about open world players or their content, as long as the raiders and dungeoneers are given content they consider it job done.