Dragonflight Season 4 Available on the PTR

Dragonflight Season 4 Available on the PTR

Ascend in the final season of Dragonflight! Powerful rewards await in Season 4, delivering the best of what the Dragonflight expansion offers.

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Please consider adjusting MMR in rated PVP to compensate for reduced season duration in s4 to avoid what happened in the fated season of Shadowlands (Eternal) which was massively decreased participation. :dracthyr_love_animated:


I see your Dev team hasn’t learned their lesson from SL fated season and are again deciding to give the big middle finger to LFR raiders and exclude them from the fated raid mount. Why don’t you just come out and say you all despise and detest LFR raiders and be done with it.


i’m curious to hear more about “purchasing” the scale of awakening. does that mean it won’t have an rng drop component? if so, that is much appreciated

wheres the pvp gear?

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I think they’ll be doing the sets we picked, or reusing the s3 stuff. It’s already available in appearances, just search “draconic gladiator” and it’ll show s3 gear/weaponry, although it’s obviously subject to change.


Is it really that big of a deal that it only requires normal? There’s no rush, and you can definitely pug normal raids pretty easily. If it was heroic or more I’d definitely understand. But once you gear up from LFR you’re definitely more equipped for normal, and it’s not a huge jump vs what you did in LFR.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, it’s possible :man_shrugging:


You think they despise their own players and you’re still supporting them with your time/money?

As an lfr hero I’ve got no beef with it. No different than AoTC or CE getting a mount.


I don’t understand why there is no seasonal affix for season 4? Isn’t it a good idea to release a pirate themed affix with the announcement of plunderstorm. There are almost nothing new for season 4.

Class balancing is not ideal for high keys, with the new voted tier set, the comp is going to be mage ,shadow priest and aug evoker again.

Is anyone at Blizzard actually looking at the numbers on Mythic Tindral & Fyrrak, right now?


nah too busy making fortnite and tuning SoD


ANOTHER new currency?



Im holding off to see what 10.2.7 brings us.
Maybe we will get loads of fun stuff and season 4 wont matter.

The baseline Dawn of the Infinite will be more challenging and rewarding; however, it will not be included in the bi-weekly rotation.

Wait what do you mean “bi-weekly rotation?”


I’m holding off for The War Within prepatch. Season 4 and 10.2.7 are DOA.


What do you mean by “bi-weekly rotation”? What is rotating every other week?


Your post could be a copy-and-paste response to forum threads about what happened in Shadowlands. Maybe it is. In any case, the people who quit after the bait-and-switch they got at the last minute in Shadowlands are probably a big part of the number of players who, after buying Shadowlands and playing, walked away from the game.

This "You should just pug normal, but don’t look at me, I wouldn’t accept your kind thing is getting tiresome.


Because of…a mount? That wasn’t even that popular? I don’t think so.

No, seasonal affixes need to stay away. most were horrid


Fated raids, just like SL will be in a rotation