Dragonflight Season 3 is Now Live!

Dragonflight Season 3 is Now Live!

Dragonflight Season 3 is now live, bringing with it eight dungeons to the updated Mythic+ rotation, the opening of the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid dungeon, and a new PvP Season with new rewards.

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Do people that bought Verdant PvP Trophies last night from the bugged vendor using S2 conquest get to keep them or will it be rolled back?

Fix your Dreamseed Blooms and rare spawns

Tomorrow morning’s maintenance will fix those, for sure.

rolled back like season 1 happen

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Good to see that LFR players are still being treated as lesser than the normal+ raiders. All because they don’t have any self control and feel ‘forced’ to run LFR if it were fully available from the start.

LFR is a lesser version of the content.


Innate Resolve talent is not working…do you intend to let the season start whithout fixing this?

Frenzied Regen is not getting any bonuses to heal from any sources…it is completely disconnected from any and all bouses to healing, including Innate Resolve.

Will this be fixed before new season starts or is guardian druid intentionally relegated to outdoor content only?

Hot Take: M+ should be slow-rolled. Capped at 5s the first week. 10s in week 2. 15s in week 3. And then let it go.

I’m tired of try-hards spamming their way to +60s in the first couple hours, and then can’t be bothered to play with anyone else that didn’t no-life-it the way they did.

The game is better, the more people play together. Like… duh…


Wow will take the official chopping block to what’s left of the game when you soon solo queue up and get 4NPC’s to play with you… that will be the dat that they forget what the letters in this genera mean. Sure hope SOF remembers.