Dragonflight Professions Catch-Up?

Hey folks, returning to Dragonflight after about a year plus away and was wondering what (if anything) I can do to start getting my profession to be useable again. Is there any sort of catch-up mechanic for profession knowledge, or am I perpetually behind?

I second this. I came back for 10.2 after almost 4 years away since the end of BFA. I am so overwhelmed and hopelessly behind on enchanting that I don’t even know how long it will take to catchup. Every mechanism for professions is time gated. It’s just strange they made catching up with everything else so much better and QoL. But such a huge component is left untouched to help us catchup. We are completely at the mercy of someone whos played day one and has 800 points invested in their given profession to achieve anything.


Farm travellers bags, magical chests, trash piles and the new chest things in emerald dream. If you are behind in prof knowledge these will drop the catch up items you need to catch you up.

Read above it does have something


Appreciate the help, mate. Thank you much!