Dragonflight: Plunderstorm Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Dragonflight: Plunderstorm Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Plunderstorm is live!

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Oh yeah, I forgot this was still an actual patch, with updates!

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You brought back covenant ability animations?! Complete win in my book <3. Thank you for allowing us to have the options. Which ever dev got that to happen is the real MvP.


Absolutely mad you didn’t remove the multi votes from the rigged season 4 tier set polls.


Castweaver buffs look good and are appreciated! That should definitely help with damage spikes and overall mana usage in Arenas.

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Are we really getting new mistweaver talents today that have never been seen or tested?

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So still not fixing the Zandalari helmet issue??? It’s been since the Gilneas patch guys, this is laughable.

plunderstorm is a basically a mini version of fortnite?


It isn’t April 1st yet…


fortnite into wow…


Yeah, Season 2 Fury has me switching to Arms so damn fast.

It was double posted, but Blizzard should’ve deleted the newer version with far less comments on it.


I just hope you get this creative and divergent with S4 M+.

And are we really getting those massive holy priest changes without any testing or PTR? That’s crazy.

Decent changes for the Brawl, especially to get more Capture the Flag maps.

I like the Carrier buff but the speed bonus will benefit some mobile classes a lot more. Thinking of DH/Monk BUT mostly Druids.

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Uhhh I’m re rolling Holy priest now?!?!?

  • Empyreal Blaze has been redesigned – Holy Word: Chastise causes your next 2 casts of Holy Fire to be instant, cost no mana, and incur no cooldown. Refreshing Holy Fire on a target now extends its duration by 7 seconds.
  • Pontifex has been redesigned – Flash Heal, Heal, Prayer of Healing, and Circle of Healing increase the healing done by your next Holy Word spell by 6% stacking up to 5 times. Lasts 30 seconds.
  • Lightwell has been redesigned – Creates a Holy Lightwell. Every second the Lightwell will attempt to heal a nearby party or raid member within 40 yards that is lower than 50% health and apply a Renew to them for 6 seconds. Lightwell lasts for 2 minutes or until it heals 15 times. Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds when you cast Holy Word: Serenity or Holy Word: Sanctify.
  • All healing done reduced by 7%.

Are you actually kidding me, this is coming TODAY?


but 20-30 hours for all those rewards is too much blizz. Not with helldivers and other games out. Come on guys


Excited to play the new game mode. Looks great. Hope to get all the pirate mogs :pirate_flag:

Wait they did?!? Did I miss that?? Back into the patch notes (please let glitter DnD be there…)

They only referenced the recently changed ones, so I’ll have to log in and check. Big sad if I can’t have glitter DnD/defile. I’ll crawl back on my hill for that one I guess.

Oh good, PVP. My favourite…


Yes but no. It’s not normal classes or characters. It’s still pvp technically but this looks kinda neat.

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