Dragonflight Outlaw Talents

I don’t know where else to put this since they don’t have an official feedback post for Dragonflight Talents that I am aware of. I only have 3 things I want to say. Please do not force us to take Roll the Bones to get Restless Blades, Float Like a Butterfly, and Combat Potency. I don’t want to play with Roll the Bones anymore. Can you make Rupture a base rogue ability? I would like to play with Rupture (since we can use garrote now) rather then Between the Eyes (you can keep Between the Eyes as an option). Another thing is, can we please get Greed, Ghostly Shell and Blademaster (Evasion form) from Artifact traits back? Please, please and please. Thank you

Also the Assassination 2 set from Tomb of Sargeras was fun to play with.

edit: Also why cant we just use eviscerate for outlaw? I enjoy the front flip my undead does when I cast that finisher.


Actually complaining about Combat Potency (and Fatal since you need both) is a new one. I don’t think you even grasp how embarrassingly awful your energy regen would be if you dropped both of them. You’re literally describing Sub in your post so maybe you should just play Sub? :joy:


I was really hoping they’d have a build where you could basically play old combat. But nope, they love roll the bones and the Between the Eyes / Pistol Shot abilities.

I miss toggle blade flurry as well, but this is one I can at least live with.


How is me wanting Rupture on Outlaw make it sub? Correct me if I am wrong but all rogues specs used to be able to use Rupture and garrote? Also Sub has turned more into a shadow focused spec, which is cool but I just want to play with non daggers with the core rogue fantasy abilities.


Yeah, they def need to make roll the bones as a side choice then a required for all that energy regen and cd reduction.


He didn’t read your post at all. Classic Bonezz.

He legit thought you were complaining about Combat Potency, not the fact that it’s locked behind Roll the Bones. Long term forum warrior defending that garbage ability.


Even though you will take Garrote on Outlaw you will never use it in PVE because it will do zero damage and BTE servers the same purpose except it’s actually useful rather than Rupture. 20% crit chance versus a zero damage bleed it’s a mystery which one would be better in every situation. You could make an argument if you spec’d into Improved Garrote which you also wouldn’t do because there’s better talents but even that is a joke in M+. Sin has had 6s Garrote silence and that wasn’t enough to make them viable in keys. Give up on your dream because it’s never happening.

Relax dude, you are quite touchy on the subject. They can make abilities as good or bad as they want. Your very narrow minded in your approach here. I am just saying what I would like to see but you just bringing up numbers and talking about keys tells me where your minds at when you post stuff like this.


Blizzard is afraid if they make RtB optional, nobody will take it.


By saying this youre literally ignoring the blatant flaws that exist when it comes to sin in M+. Pls stop.

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This. But honestly I would rather have them merged into one like how it is now. Splitting up the regen and offhand regen seems messy. You want both talents.

Agreed, I hate rtb.


People play what brings the highest dps. If they make RtB optional, but it is superior dps to the second best option, every one will play it.

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that’s funny I just made a thread saying this but I didn’t see this post so far down in july 17th. I agree, too, rupture should be baseline. just because you have the ability that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

100% agree if they got rid of roll the bones it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.
In fact I think it’s probably one of the worst things they ever did to rogue was create the outlaw spec and got rid of combat


you could just take it off the bar right now. its the same thing.

I see no reason to have roll the bones gate certain abilities. if people want to play without it, they should be able to access the abilities it’s gating.

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Class fantasy and outlaw was a horrible idea.
Is there another class that everything good split into 3 different specs all in one expansion?
I feel like whoever did it played mage in PVP and saw the opportunity to change everything and they did.
( That’s a joke for any window licker about to respond)

does rogue really need 3 specs?

Rogue could have two specs, dividing Sub’s kit between Combat and Sin, and it would be richer for it. It doesn’t really need more than a stealthy dagger spec and a swashbuckling weapon master spec.