Dragonflight Master of All

At the start of the expansion we all took one look at this and wrote it off, because it’s far more involved than previous iterations. Now the dust has settled, is there a simple way to do it? Can you hit 100 on all professions without needing to grind KP?

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Some are going to be trickier than others, but I think they’re all doable with the minimum KP you can get from unlocking the professions treasures.

  • Alchemy: just experiment your way to the top, no KP investment needed at all, just time.
  • Blacksmithing: loot your blacksmithing treasures & max out an item tree, then make the master’s hammer to max.
  • Enchanting: you can get to ~75ish using the rep patterns from centaurs/dragonscale, then use the illusions that drop from primal storms. primal earth pattern is 14k off the AH so even cheaper than engineering. no KP required (but does make it easier).
  • Engineering: buy khaz’gorite fisherfriend off the ah (24k for the pattern on my server) or grind up the pattern by farming tuskarr tackleboxes. No KP required
  • Inscription: make a ton of rolling pins, no KP investment required: needs Valued with the artisan’s consortium which takes the bare minimum of doing your profession qs to unlock.
  • Jewelcrafting: can go to 80 with a nozdorite cut for relatively cheap, and then from 80-100 with sparks or KP (or both): with KP you max out one of the faceting trees and spam the illimited diamond cuts to 100, or buying the idol recipes from the tuskarr, a zapthrottle soul extractor, and burning some sparks to craft the idols. nobody wants the idols so you’ll need an alt or friend with a new 70 who doesn’t mind using the 5 free season 1 sparks you can get from skipping the engine of ingenuity questline.
  • unfortunately Leatherworking is an absolute monster, and there’s no way to skip the KP grind, but you can use the world treasures to unlock just one epic item & if you’re levelling this many alts for Master of All you will hopefully have some sparks spare on some of them to spam craft some garbage purps to grind out the last few points. The cheap gnoll tent pattern on the AH will take you to 65 at least so you don’t need to craft from 50 at least.
  • Tailoring: buy the fishing hat recipe from dragonscale expedition & spam it. No KP required.

so basically: leatherworking (and I guess blacksmithing) is the odd one out, but there’s a path to 100 for most of the other recipes without investing any KP.

you also only need to get to 98 really - you get free skill points from the Darkmoon Faire quest which will close the gap for you and save you crafting too many of the worst green recipes. I got my Master of All chiev in March last year, two months after I maxxed out lwing/skinning on my main (and quicker by far than I got the equivalents in any other expansion to date), and most of that time was spent on levelling the five alts necessary! However, alts are an easy source of sparks which can alleviate some of the burden, so mixed blessings.

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Pretty much a spot on post, but I’d like to add that crests also go all the way up to 100 and are basically 0 barrier to entry to craft, so it’s pretty easy to get those last 25 points if you’re willing to do a few orders.