Dragonflight: Making It with Professions

It looked possible to eventually max out on beta when there was a daily quest for specialization points. If that’s only going to be a weekly … I’m a bit lost.

Can’t wait to get crafting order tips of 100 gold for a mythic item lmaooo

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If that’s accurate we’re in for a repeat of the Shadowlands complaints that its too grindy so its basically just a massive gold sink if you don’t get it maxed out early.

Are there at least a catchup mechanisms for people that start late for whatever reason or are they just up a creek?

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The irony of this being posted at the same time they failed to fix enchanting is staggering.


No, you are wrong.
They don’t.
Don’t know why you would think that.

BTW, this was hotfixed earlier today. Guess I was wrong lol.

Never liked doing professions in this game tbh. To boring imo. Only time I even bothered leveling any profs was during Wod. And that is because there wasn’t much else to do in that xpac. Would probably get into doing them on occasion, if they were to bring back something like the garrison trading post.

well least its fixed now, it almost took them a month lol.

Edit: oh its only temporary? wth did they break lol

I do not like the filter system. Have the expansion you are leveling available as you do it, not have to filter it to find it.

The public system is gonna hurt :smile:

It is definitely grindy compared to past WoW professions. It appears Blizzard wants people to focus on it (or not). As far as being “caught up” - it works in a unique way. You get a bulk of permanent points early and a trickle of extra points as time goes on. If a person comes to the party late, they will be in a unique position - they have not spent their specialization points yet and can do some base level research on the market to pick the best gold maker at that time. Meanwhile, anyone who pounded out a different spec in week 1/2 is now stuck with a slower trickle and unable to adapt to changing markets as quickly.

Rushing to be first to market will absolutely make gold. Then 3 weeks later when everyone has spent their points, there will be holes that need filled and those will make gold.

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That’s unfortunate for me. When they announced they were redoing crafting I was hoping they’d make it less annoying, not more. I suppose I’ll be one of the “not” crowd again and stick with selling ores.

So, if I’m understanding it correctly, there’s no actual catchup mechanism. You just have to hope your ability to judge the market is enough to outweigh the fact that you simply don’t have as many points as everyone else.

You’re expecting it’ll take about six weeks before you’re gold-making prospects get pretty minimal for crafting then? I can’t imagine there’ll be too many valuable niches that don’t get filled by first or second wave crafters.

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Yeah, you may be in a position where picking up gathering professions are better. Skill trees related to them are just pure “upside” like gathering more or getting higher quality.

If there is a hard catchup mechanic, I didn’t see it.

I think this would be based on server. For a large server you can expect every mix of something will get done pretty early (but then it depends on how much the person plays and posts). For small servers, you may hit instances where gear spots just aren’t filled out by normal players. Easiest example would be blacksmithing - most blacksmiths are likely war / pally / DK. When thinking of what crafting to spec into, most people would say “weapon best me go weapon” - so there may be solid gaps down the line in plate belts, plate boots, etc.

Remember how lots of people got mad about all the systems that Shadowlands had? Systemlands?

You guys really can’t help yourselves, can you? Spending points that you grind out using some currency that you have to grind out even more is not fun. It’s filler. Stop.

I haven’t done the professions yet but I’m planning to … and if they suck I’m gonna come back here and be grumpy about it.

What if I don’t want to take my crafting game to the next level?

I just want to smack things.

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You can’t please everybody, all they can do is make an effort to improve what the majority seem to want. I personally got out of the professions other than gathering for gold, but even that became not really worth the time for me. I am looking forward to this new way of doing it… sure there will be a learning curve but that does keep it from getting boring imo. Thx for your efforts in this expac Blizz… looking forward to it after almost moving on from WOW.

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Im excited that Blizz is at least attempting to add to this gameplay loop, crafting has always been lackluster in WoW, even with there being easy examples of amazing Crafting systems to copy from (i.e. SWG). I hope it gains traction and breaths life into another group of interested players, sure you’ll always have your lazy players who dont want anything complicated, well they can just purchase goods from the AH. Crafting should be another portion of gameplay that is complicated and takes devoted time to being good at, as well as being equal to what you can get from end game PvP and Raiding.


It’s not that complicated if you are a purchaser:

  1. you win the soulbind mats in a raid/bg/M+
  2. search for the item you want to commission at the Work Order station in the capital city
  3. click Track to add mats list to your objectives
  4. buy any materials/optional reagents/missives from the nearby AH/someone’s Bruto
  5. Fill in the work order & add a reasonable commission (e.g. 10% of the mats cost)
  6. Wait for a crafter to fulfil
  7. Collect from the mailbox
    If step 6 is taking a while, or you want to be sure of the finished item’s quality, try asking Guildies or in trade chat & commission a private order instead.

For crafters it’s much simplified as you no longer have to relist stuff you don’t think will sell:

  1. View the work orders for your craft
  2. Accept one that you can create
  3. Craft at a nearby station
  4. Complete the order & wait for the payment in the mail
    Learning the craft is the hard part (which is what the commission payment is for).

They fixed putting SL enchants on vellums. In the process they broke putting enchants from prior expansions on vellums…

Didn’t read.