Dragonflight: Legacies, Chapter 2

Dragonflight: Legacies, Chapter 2

The sands of time unveil a tale of betrayal and treachery that changed the fate of the Dragon Aspects.

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The only betrayal and treachery I’m concerned with is the blanket 25% nerf to enhancement, care to elaborate?


You want another 25% taken off?


can i hit max level in DF by watching a streamer do the leveling pls ty

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Ummm… how many lore recaps are we going to get before we see something new?

The series and past series serve as lore recaps for the most part.


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Did you spent the last 10-20k years in stasis?
Let Dracthyr learn what was going on.


“You are a race of fierce warriors unlike anything Azeroth has seen in many an age.” -Nozdormu

[Ranks as lowest dps in PTR]

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:dracthyr_no1: :dracthyr_no2:

Seems legit. Gonna log on beta and make a dracthyr warrior to check it out.


That’s great, but fix the UI bugs

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It’s… Just more stuff we know… I expected enlightenment, but a rehash! Yes that is harsh, but I still don’t understand why the Primalists are attack, why Proto-Drakes are with them, and what we’re doing aside from sightseeing… Even after playing Beta, I understand then that the Proto-Drakes and Primalists want to bring back the Elemental Wars, but even that’s a guess, and is hardly explored, despite the significant Primalist Presence. It’s exciting all we’re getting and these cinematics are great… But Why are we helping the Dragon Aspects? Why don’t we know about the Primalists more, and why didn’t we see such Proto-Drakes in Northrend?
Perhaps I’m being incredibly critical here, but in LEGION we knew who we were facing and why. But, going into the Dragon Isles, and suddenly these Primalists and funky Proto-Drakes appear, and are well known is jarring. And are we going to get an explanation in Pre-Patch either? Why is our enemy these 2 groups? Maybe somehow Link the Old Gods a bit more upfront? Unless you fear this makes the expansion Cataclysm 2.0 on Dragon Isles?
It just doesn’t feel right… And where is Thrall? Can’t he use his Shaman Abilities again? We have the greatest shaman back, but he’s not present against these Primalists?!
I understand you have to do something new, but it’s all still such a mystery, and feels like another Battle for Azeroth! BFA was supposed to be a Faction War, that’s what it looked like from the get go; The Trailer for Dragonflight shows only the Dragon Isles, and “Hey, Maybe something has changed” but, nothing more, and now we’re not only supposed to be inspired to enter the Dragon Isles, but some mysterious threat which has supposedly been there the whole time is able to stage an attack in just a few days?
Yes there was a timeskip, but why didn’t the Dragons know the Isles had been revealed again until the Primalists Attack? And how did the Primalists know about the Isles, know about the Proto-Drakes who were stuck on the Island!? Unless they weren’t then Where were they?
I must admit again, this is very cruel… But, even in Shadowlands, we knew what we were setting off to do, and why it was important to do so! And who was doing it (For the most part)…
It just doesn’t make sense; Perhaps Old Gods, or Something Else is involved, but why and how? This was supposed to be a trip to the Dragon Isles, but these enemies are just organized and there? How did they get there, when did they get there? WE NEED to know this, otherwise it makes no sense. Sure some might argue, other expansions have been this way, but we knew About Pandaria, Draenor, Time-Travel, Deathwing, Old Gods, Arthas, Illidan and whatnot way aforehand! The Sudden New Organization built up from nothing that is the Primalists… Where did it come from? Sure they’re attacking, but “Oh hey! Looks like they’re attacking Un’Goro, let’s go to the Dragon Isles to find them!” Isn’t Good! HOW DO WE KNOW THEY’RE THERE? Are two story arcs going at once, when this could’ve been two separate expansions instead LIKE BFA could have been!? HOW Did they set up so quickly!? Can we set up the big bad already!? Did the Dragon Isles have to be veiled!?
I want to love this expansion coming up, but please give me the story to do so Blizzard! You used to be so good at this stuff, can you at least explain it better? I thought we were just going to the Dragon Isles! Where’d all this stuff come from!?

Finally something worth seeing , every thing else you posted today felt trash

Is this the expansion where Deathwing gets redeemed?


Love it and these animations are so beautiful and the acting is amazing and the music is fitting.

… enchance was just doing ridiculous damage in mythic +s

Now i will say i dont know how well enchance performs at 70 in gear but as it stands right now windwalker and enchance were ridiculous damage wise.

No ability should have RNG chance. Everything should have 100% proc chance. Tune numbers / cool downs due to this. RIP BM. RIP Fire mage, RIP Fun.

Also Norzdomu needs the dracthyr to reveal a hidden moment so he can finally become murzond / evil. Calling it now.

Old Gods get redeemed. We are pawns to the Titans, Light, Death and Old Gods want to free us from the control of Order.