Dragonflight: Fury Incarnate is Now Live

Hate to admit it but I took a 2nd look too. :rofl:


Yup. They are cutting corners and doing a template design for open world content to make it seem like you are getting more content. Problem being, it isn’t ‘‘quality’’ just ‘‘quantity’’.

Sucks. But this lot will take anything now.


What? Really?! Sweet!

goes to verify

Oh, you! That was just MEAN.

pouty face


You just kinda pointed out why. You’re asking for catch-up gear that is basically N raid gear item levels. Kinda makes the N raid pointless for alts, when it should be the natural stepping stone after they have their intial catch-up gear.

Otherwise, start running keys. You can get into low keys (11-15) with the 408 gear easily.


More concerned that everything feels like a cut and paste.

Dreamsurge<time rift< Forbidden Reach< assaults<incursions…. All variants of the same thing


It’s because you’re supposed to upgrade the items to 424 then jump into +17s and/or Dawn of the Infinite. It takes me usually 2-3 days to get a fresh lvl 70 to 435. After that it’s just farming crests until I have enough to craft and upgrade everything which takes about 2 weeks.

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Are we getting to kill Fyrakk this patch finally? They keep implying how much stronger he is becoming and he going to destroy the new world tree.

Why not have a mini raid like CoS or Gruul’s Lair that only consists of Fyrakk and one other boss? A simple encounter that offers more catch up gear.

Fyrakk a Primal and deserves a fight not a quest line that we quickly dispatch him.

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Still no word on old person flying… (sigh). Oh well, I have new baby gnomes to raise.



Congrats :clap: Don’t feed them too many cookies or they’ll get a tummy ache.


No, they’re probably saving that for 10.2 or 10.3.

Fix hunters

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Is there going to be a 10.3? Has it been confirmed or will Blizzard end DF early like SL?

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Can you release it a few days earlier? I don’t feel like waiting.

I can’t wait for more story content.

To think that there aren’t new players is just plain ignorant at this point.

People have been begging for another way of gearing and so outdoor world content is another way to gear than say through dungeons, raids, or even PVP.

They’ve already confirmed it’s going to be a 3-patch expansion.

10.2 will likely be out in November. 10.3 will probably be released June 2024 then the next expansion beta will be out. End of year 2024 would be the next expansion release which lines up with the 2 year schedule.

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The article mentions new tats and markings for night elves, but there’s a single new marking and only for female nelves. The rest will be added later to ptr? Can we expect Tyrande glowing tats in the future because that would be awesome and i think night elf fans deserve something big after what we’ve been through in the recent years.


Maybe if they throw more systems at us than we can parse through, find out they are crap, then maybe we’ll keep quiet?

Because at least we can’t keep up with the content? Lol.

It does feel weird.

My honest feeling is that WoW subs are falling, people regularly complaining lately about queue times, groups forming etc.

They are in damage-control mode with all these other games coming out, taking people out of WoW for a while. Except it’s several games at once, so the dip is very noticeable.

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I’m still guessing 10.2 but I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks when the 10.2 PTR is up.


God, that NE heritage maroon armor is god awful. That white variant better be available…


we neeeeed more than just red skin for the erredar.
please blizzard. give us fel cracked skin. give us the options the NPC have.
give us demonic horns.
the red is nice yet we need more