Dragonflight: Fury Incarnate Content Update Notes—Now Live!

Not liking where this is going.

    • Chromie and a new friend join the search for the lost Disc of Tyr. To aid their efforts, Travard rebuilds the legendary Tyr’s Guard, righteous paladins dedicated to representing the values of Tyr across Azeroth. Reforging Tyr Part 3 requires completing “Infinity and Beyond” in the No Limits questline to begin, and rewards Gold and White Armor for dragonriding mounts.

Taking the Silver Hand themes from Alliance and forcing them on the Horde in Legion was bad enough.

Making every future Paladin race fall under the themes’ of the Silver Hand are going to make all of them way too similar and remove a lot of uniqueness from various races.


I just can’t wait for Paladins to get all races.

Looking for anything that isn’t pvp related for hunters and nothing. Hi Blizzard remember us. We’re the ones you’ve forgotten, oh and Rogues say hi too.


Where other public events go to die.

I think there’s supposed to say something about upright forsaken in this. Or about how they are gonna ruin the undead lore in a single patch. Bet.

New Arenas or battlegrounds? PVP world zones? There’s no one to kill… how are supposed to purge the furrys?

You need to turn to Nurgle and git right

you are speaking in exterminatus range

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AHAHAHHAHA, that was the best reply i’ve ever seen in WoW Forums… Wasn’'t even a marine. straight up Krieg!

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imagine a krieg gets Perpetual from the big E lol

Behold, my gland hounds have made it into the Ultra Marines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P604DQUMmM&list=WL&index=5

I didn’t even play normal dungeon because I don’t feel like it at all and I’ve been 446 for ages anyway and get instant invites in m+ high keys.
but they want to sell me heroic version of it??? :clown_face:

and what about pvp content???
I don’t even talk about embarrassing balance…


Once more, blizz forgets Rsham exist

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Must say about time they gave us an option to restrict spam calendar invites. That has been getting old for years now. I don’t buy carries ever and won’t help carry bad enough in Mplus runs when they try to sneak a lowbie into high keys.

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So dragonriding on old mounts and in the old world for 10.2 then?

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  1. Why are rares getting tagged?
  2. The whole dreamsurge event was . . . kill 5 mobs and a boss?

  1. The area around the dreamsurge NPC should be a no-mount/no toy zone. How have you guys not learned this one yet?

What’s the difference between an r sham and Sargeras’s sword?

One is constantly forgotten by blizzard, the other is a huge sword in Silithus.

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Tbh the solid red always looked superior than the fel cracked… idk the fel cracked always looked like the lesser manari that couldn’t handle their fel.

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both still good. options are radical.

Some Gm’s are great but I agree with you 100%. They have Ruined Prot paladins too.
Fix the Word of Glory that requires MANA and HOLY POWER to cast…
Punish entitled brats who leave mythic plus at their slightest inconvenience!!