Dragonflight FTW

First, obviously this isn’t my main. It’s my troll toon for the haters. I just wanted to say that while quitting the game for 8 months due to the release of the “social contract”, I was pulled back in by a coworker. It is what it is.

Second, the “social contract” from what I have seen via my play style is a non-existent entity, that in hindsight makes me upset I quit the game to begin with. I don’t socialize with the WoW community much, as it doesn’t bring anything to my gaming world. It also doesn’t seem to be a monitored issue… But I wouldn’t know as I tend to block pretty much all forms of in game chats.

Third, I’ve been playing since vanilla, and this expansion is by far the best yet in my opinion. Maybe it has to do with how and what I do in game to spend my time. There are pros and cons sure, but in general, I play, not create, and am happy with the current content. I play daily and will continue to do so. I don’t let streamers or the cool kids club guide my personal views. I log in and do the damn thing while escaping the real world. Good job, 10/10.