Dragonflight: Dark Heart Content Update Notes

I’ve been soloing them since last season.

This heritage armor is so lazy looking. Straight dumpster fire


The Draenei on the left where is her horns? That Draenei helm looks extremely uncomfortable if you have to squish your horns into it.


I think their solution to horn clipping was…removing horns.

Super lazy, didn’t take any feedback on the Drenaei transmog. Really disappointed it’s shipping like this :frowning:


You’re not entitled to a promotion every patch. If they haven’t announced anything by now, then there likely isn’t a promotion. It sucks, but they sign contracts with these other companies and it would appear the contract is up as they also haven’t done any Prime Gaming rewards the last few months.

I might use the set but I wouldn’t use the helmet for sure.

This is hideous. Delete these and make new ones. WTF is that on the trolls ?!

Hello! We updated the Dark Heart patch notes with the following changes:


  • The lockouts for the following raids in Mists of Pandaria content now reset each day, for both Dragonflight and WoW Remix characters:
    • Normal and Heroic 10-player Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Throne of Thunder.
    • Normal and Heroic 10-30 player Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Mythic 20-player Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Raid lockouts will return to a weekly cadence after WoW Remix closes.
  • Battle for Azeroth raid mechanics which block legacy encounter completion for small groups have been adjusted to be more permissive. Groups of five or fewer players should no longer be blocked by mechanics that cannot be completed at that raid size.

Or, how about letting legacy content be a daily lockout permanently :smiling_face_with_tear:


This pretty much confirms no 25 man version of these raids. Why make this so restrictive? We had the option for 10 vs 25 man raids in MoP, why not during MoP Remix?

Why are you doing this? I can understand for Retail, but Remix is supposed to give us an, albeit faster, authentic MoP experience. Making raid lockout daily to saturate rewards like gear and Bronze makes me want to play it less, not more.

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This was never the intention. Do you think everyone having access to heroic leap and ghost wolf and door of shadows and 150% hp shields and millions of dmg from a gem in your gear is supposed to be authentic? The raids are loot pinatas for bronze. There is no real per-boss loot table to chase like Retail has, from a raid in remix you’re chasing standardized gear to scrap into bronze and gems to socket.


The world bosses also appear to be daily.

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Have the Class Devs forgotten about Survival Hunter’s Season 4 Tier Set or perhaps are ignoring them?

Should I give up on playing my Survival Hunter at all this season? I know it’s a bit of a meme season but I would like to continue playing the class and spec.

Boomkins and Fury Warriors Season 4 Tier Sets were not considered upgrades and they were hotfixed last week.

Blood DKs and Survival Hunters are in the same boat and have not recieved any hotfixes to address this nor heard anything suggesting that they might be.


As current as yesterday, galakras once again requires both cannons to shoot down, making it no longer solo friendly. I suspect it was done for this event but is there not a way to both detect non event version of raid from event version and have diff rules for each?


Please consider retaining the daily lock out post Remix.
Also please consider changing all legacy content to daily lockouts.


Hey uh yeah so the quest Site Salvage is broken, NPCs are non interactable for anybody. Check the forums thanks this is preventing me from completing A World Awoken.

Should just remove all raid lockout.

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Am I to understand that BFA raids will still require a small group to complete? What’s the point in that?

Currently I can get to coin boi solo, but mechanically can’t progress beyond that. I needs that set.

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You don’t need to go down the halls on coin boss. Just go directly to it and it goes to phase 2 and you can burn it down. Had no trouble with it last week

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I haven’t tried it in a while but it used to just reset on mythic*. I’ll have to check it out