Dragonflight campaign 9/10?

Hmmm. Ive done that and the after quest with Wrath/Sab

And it says Blue Dragonflight

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I have it too and I’ve done everything (all reps etc) and I’m just assuming it will continue when the final raid tier drops.


There are only 9 Chapters listed. I assume it’s either a display error, or they’ve still got another one planned.



If you click on the campaign in the quest log, does it not show what the missing chapter is named? Use to on mine before i did ZC. Also during the original DF campaign.

Just says to raise my rep with major factions. Since others have said they have maxed all and have it, it must be a bug or pending quest

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It should start next week

Going to try that. Same situation.

I thought with tuesday it would be updated but I’m still at 9/10

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Same. I didn’t know if the new quests would be the 10th, but I havent tried yet. Loving Scholomance again


Having same issue. Looks like even doing campaign quest for mega dungeon did nothing as well. Still 9/10 with blue dragonflight stuck on the quest bar. ALl chapters are green.

I’ve had this since last week when I bothered to finish the stuff after sarkareth, and then get all the original renowns to 25/25/30/30. The 10.1 embers of neltharion is done but it now shows 9/10 completion with a blue dragonflight expansion toggle box like there would be quests, but nothing.

I’ve done the blue flight, tyr’s quests and ending with fighting zakajz, the reconciler questline, loamm is up to 14, did the traitor revealed for DSE, got the achievement for renown questlines, and killed razsageth and sarkareth. I am on the last week of the FR stuff for the zskera vaults since I took a break then. Guess I should work through the whelp daycare and dawn of the infinite/time rifts questline too

Here’s my latest update:

Hmmm… Ill have to check tomorrow. Didnt look tonight. Spent all night farming Scholo

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Nah, I’m max rep with the Cobalt Assembly and also have 9/10 at the top of my quest log.

I think it’s just a visual bug or they want to keep it that way until they release the final part of the main quest in the last patch? As an indicator that it’s over over, maybe?

Yeah checking it now I have that too.
As others have mentioned (which probably doesn’t matter) I am max with cobalt assembly as of last week.

Been doing some of the dawn of the infinite and eon’s fringe quests this morning too. So maybe that could have change something cause I swore I saw the gray bar of 9/10 before I started this morning.

Also it’s possible the empty blue dragonflight quest group is there because there indeed extra blue quests, but only for classes that have dragonwrath. I obviously can’t do them on my warrior though, but I “could” on my old mage main if I ever bothered to do all the quests again.

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I did the blue dragonflight quests to get Teragosa’s visage on my priest who isn’t up on rep with hardly anyone yet. I got her leveled up enough for the quest to open up, did it all and she has the same Blue Dragonflight +.

After eons mine has changed to be 9 chapters. I think 10 chapters is a visual bug but I think we’d be better off with an official source.

I’ve still got the expedition renown 23 quest to go but I hope to catch up to it asap.

They did this hotfix yesterday:


Oh sweet! Alright that addresses this thread then, thanks for that.