Dragonflight Balance Druid Talent Tree - Feedback and Discussion

Dragonflight Balance Druid Talent Tree

EDIT: Refer to the second post in this thread for an elaborate Eclipse mechanic rework concept.

A few notes to begin:

  • Balance Druid performs poorly in AoE situations, especially those that call for on-demand burst. This is most evident in M+ content, where they’ve fallen far behind. This is a fundamental issue that requires serious improvement.

  • Celestial Alignment, and Incarnation by extension, is inflexible and has an unreasonably long 3-minute cooldown.

  • Our DoTs don’t interact with the spec in any meaningful way, particularly because of the (unmentioned) hard target cap on Shooting Stars.

  • The Eclipse mechanic is too restrictive, leading to unexciting and frustrating combat scenarios.

The talent tree in its current iteration is a bit hectic, following no distinct or logical pattern with like-spells scattered all over the tree.

  • In my opinion, one side of the tree should be more single-target and builder/spender oriented, while the other side should be more AoE and DoT oriented, with the center of the tree comprising of generic utility and spells that benefit any of the various builds.

  • If interrupts remain in the specialization tree, then throughput talents should not branch from them directly/solely.

  • Some very important and significant throughput spells branch from others that are incredibly underwhelming and cost an unreasonably high number of talent points to complete.

  • Talents that enhance one another, such as Improved Starfall enhancing Starfall, or Incarnation enhancing Celestial Alignment, should directly branch from one another. They should also end the branch if they have any significant affect on the toolkit (such as adding a cooldown to an otherwise ‘spammable’ spell).

Below is a list of suggestions I believe will greatly improve the toolkit / playstyle for Balance Druid.

TL;DR — Please read the conclusion at the end of the post.

ACTIVE TALENTSImprovements Needed

50 Astral Power
Calls down waves of falling stars upon enemies within 45 yds, dealing Astral damage over 8 sec.

Extends the duration of active Moonfires and Sunfires by 4 sec.

Points of Discussion:

  • Give this spell the Ignite treatment. This way, no damage or Astral Power goes to waste, and you give it a burst aspect. Simply add on any remaining damage from the previous cast into the most recent cast.

  • Allow this spell to scale with haste. Modify the frequency at which damage is dealt by changing its duration to be hasted, like the spell Blizzard.


  • Either suggestions helps us spend more Astral Power in AoE situations.

  • Improved Starfall should branch from this talent, and into more AoE-style talents, and Stellar Drift should branch from Improved Starfall and END the branch (especially if it remains unchanged).

45 yd range
2.25 sec cast
Call down a burst of energy, causing (76.5% of Spell power) Arcane damage to the target, and [ (76.5% of Spell power) * 1/2 ] Arcane damage to all other enemies within 8 yards.

Generates 8 Astral Power.

Points of Discussion:

  • The change here is the increase in damage to all secondary enemies. Our AoE is lacking when it comes to burst damage. This increased modifier, which changes from 33/100 to 1/2 (or 50/100), should help with its damage at a baseline level.

  • The change to its area effect modifier in my ‘Soul of the Forest’ suggestion, 50% versus 150% on live, brings its overall damage gain, with the talent selected, to what it’s currently at on live.

  • Optional visual enhancement to this spell, as it was in Legion, would be a nice change—in the form of a glyph, perhaps?


Below is an example of the damage breakdown

Deals 100 Arcane damage to the target and 33 damage to all other enemies.
**5 enemies in total

Live w/o SotF: 100 + 33 * 4 = 232

Concept w/o SotF: 100 + 50 * 4 = 300

Live w/ SotF: 100 + 82.5 * 4 = 430

Concept w/ SotF: 100 + 75 * 4 = 400

**SotF = Soul of the Forest

Stellar Drift
Instant / 30 sec cooldown
Increases the damage of your next Starfall by 100%, and allows you to cast while moving for its duration.

Cooldown incurs after Starfall is cast.

Points of Discussion:

  • This is effectively a complete rework of the existing talent.

  • There are several changes here. The first is to make this spell its own cooldown so that it doesn’t change Starfall at a fundamental level (adding a cooldown). The second is to increase its damage bonus to give Starfall more of an on-demand burst effect.

  • Adding a cooldown to our only AoE Astral Power spender, which is weak when compared to many other classes on-demand burst abilities, sees regressive gameplay when a cooldown is tied to it. A talent should make an ability feel better, not mandatory and punishing.

  • This change guarantees the mobility we need on a reasonable cooldown, but still allows us to regularly weave it into our rotation, while also providing the burst it needs to compete with other AoE abilities. The damage modifier can easily be tuned here.


  • This should branch off of the Starfall and Improved Starfall talent, and end the branch (especially if it remains unchanged).

PASSIVE TALENTSImprovements Needed

Power of Goldrinn
Starsurge has a chance to summon the Spirit of Goldrinn, which immediately deals Arcane damage to targets of your Moonfire.

Each enemy hit reduces the cost of your next Starfall by 2.

Points of Discussion:

  • The change here allows the Spirit of Goldrinn to hit all enemies with a Moonfire so that it becomes an effective cleave, and then subsequently reduces the cost of Starfall so that you can focus on dumping more Starsurges.

  • Among the most important of suggestions, modifying this passive in such a way gives us a compelling reason to spend Astral Power (specifically on Starsurge) in AoE situations. On live, as long as Starfall is up and with enough targets, we spam Starfire and cap on Astral Power because Starsurge simply isn’t worth a cast.

  • Further emphasizes the importance of our DoTs, which currently have little interaction with out toolkit. I need a compelling reason to apply Moonfire to multiple targets, and/or choose the Twin Moons talent.


  • Alongside the suggestion I made for Starfall, this has the potential to create some powerful synergy.

  • Wonderful bonus visuals.

Shooting Stars
Moonfire and Sunfire critical strikes call down a falling star, dealing Astral damage and generating 2 Astral Power.

Points of Discussion:

  • The change here removes an unmentioned ‘target cap’ and giving it a critical strike requirement, therefore allowing it to hit any number of targets at any one time.

  • This gives us more of a reason to want to acquire critical strike chance, and thus provides increased Astral Power generation scaling as our character grows over the course of an expansion.

  • The critical strike requirement (versus the hard cut-off in live) guarantees that this passive scales well with an increased number of targets, but should still keep Astral Power generation in line since mastery and haste are still very important stats.

  • Further emphasizes the importance of our DoTs, which currently have little interaction with out toolkit. I need a compelling reason to apply Moonfire to multiple targets, and/or choose the Twin Moons talent.


  • This should be a centralized talent since the Astral Power generation, and ultimately the damage it provides, is crucial to the ebb and flow of this spec.

Soul of the Forest
Eclipse increases Wrath’s critical strike chance by 20%, and increases Starfire’s area effect damage by 50%.

Wrath and Starfire deal 20% increased critical strike damage.

Points of Discussion:

  • With a plethora of options for Astral Power generation elsewhere in the talent tree, changing the benefit on Wrath improves the balance between builder/spender damage.

  • This secondary effect guarantees a benefit to both spells in any combat situation, whether AoE or single target, and furthers the balance between builder/spender damage.

  • To reiterate, the decrease in Starfire’s damage bonus here is to compensate for the increase to its baseline area effect damage.

Twin Moons
Moonfire deals 20% increased damage and also hits another nearby enemy within 15 yds of the target.

Points of Discussion:

  • The current iteration of this spell is weak in low target counts, and only barely competitive at high target counts. Increasing the cleave damage makes it a more competitive choice.

  • Add a component that increases it’s damage if only a single enemy is hit?

Orbit Breaker
Every 30th Shooting Star or Spirit of Goldrinn calls down a Full Moon upon its target.

Points of Discussion:

  • If this is modified to include procs from the Power of Goldrinn passive, Orbit breaker becomes a much more competitive and desirable talent, both in damage and visual appeal.

  • Scales better throughout the expansion as you’re able to cast more Starsurges, due to increased levels of haste, and therefore gaining more Goldrinn procs.

  • Can be easily tuned by increasing (or decreasing!) the number of procs required.

PASSIVE TALENTSSuggestions / Concepts

Fury of the Skies
For every Starsurge cast during Starfall, the damage of active Moonfires and Sunfires is increased by 5% for their duration.

Points of Discussion:

  • The change here changes it from a simple damage modifier to a ramping damage increase that relies on proactive gameplay.

  • Our periodic effects are weak and only ever saw any significant strength thanks to a tier set bonus in Legion. Emphasize our damage-over-time to make a well-rounded profile, but tune it so that they don’t take too much away from the importance of our other spells.


  • potential issue with this concept is feeling required to refresh your DoTs prior to any Starfall cast. You can, instead, increase the damage of the active Starfall.


… increases the damage of your active Starfall by 10% for its duration.

Power of the Moon
Full Moon grants Celestial Alignment [Incarnation: Chosen of Elune] for 4 [6] sec.

Points of Discussion:

  • Another powerful suggestion, this emphasizes the use of passives and spells that guarantee a Full Moon. Again, competitive in both damage and visual appeal.


  • Incarnation has a longer baseline duration, and so should its proc.


Which Talents Should Be Moved or Replaced?

  • Fury of the Skies in its current iteration is a simple and boring damage modifier, and should be replaced by something that is more involved.

  • Umbral Intensity and Stellar Inspiration are entirely passive and have zero effect on gameplay other than providing a minor damage increase. Both were ignored throughout the entirety of Shadowlands, and should be replaced by something more effective and fun, or have their point-cost reduced since there are more powerful, highly desired talents gated behind them.

  • Improved Eclipse is a weak standalone talent and should be a baseline part of the Eclipse talent. With enough haste, Wrath cast time exceeds the global cooldown anyway.

  • Adaptive Swarm seems out of place and underwhelming in its current form. It worked as a concept in Shadowlands because of the relationship with the Maldraxxi, but it doesn’t work as a standalone spell without further enhancements. Let it deal Nature damage and grant it a high chance to split with each jump, and it becomes a solid choice.

What Other Tweaks Should Be Considered?

  • Reduce the cooldown of Celestial Alignment to 2 minutes.

  • With Improved Eclipse being baked into Eclipse, another passive yet core talent should take its place.

  • Light of the Sun should branch directly from Solar Beam and end the branch.

  • Improved Starsurge and Power of Goldrinn should branch off each other.

  • Precise Alignment should branch directly from Celestial Alignment.

  • This could lead into the Incarnation and Convoke node, then Improved Incarnation/Convoke and end the branch.

  • Stellar Drift, as it remains, being a requirement to take more throughput talents is a poor choice of placement solely because of how it changes Starfall at a fundamental level. I shouldn’t be forced into a cooldown on our only AoE spender in order to gain some extra damage and Astral power later in the tree.


The talent tree needs some fine tuning. Some talents need to be swapped or replaced for better pathing and builds. A handful of them need to be reworked because they are stale or underwhelming in performance.

A significant portion of our damage lies in our only major cooldown window, Celestial Alignment, which is lengthy and inflexible, and our ability to do any relevant AoE damage is short of non-existent. In addition, the Eclipse system is too restrictive and needs to be revised as it’s unexciting and frustrating, including the talents that improve upon it which are underwhelming and uninventive.

That being said, there’s an incredible amount of potential here. The concept is incredible, and I’m super stoked to see what fun and viable builds come out of it. As long as the developers and community keep up with the feedback, we should see a solid spec by the time Dragonflight releases.

Please let me know what you think. I’m eager to dive into some deeper discussion here.


Saving this post for updates or additional comments, based on further discussion.

Power of the Sun
Solar Eclipse causes Wrath to increase the damage of your next Sunfire by 5%, stacking up to 10 times.

Improved Eclipse
Eclipse now reduces the cast time of affected spells by 15%, and causes them to empower the damage bonus of an Eclipse by 2%.

Improved Convoke the Spirits
Reduces the cooldown of Convoke the Spirits by 30 sec, and increases all damage and healing by 20% for its duration.

The following edit will include a series of suggestions pertaining specifically to the Eclipse mechanic, as an alternative to how it functions on retail:

Casting Wrath or Starfire activates an Eclipse, empowering your spells.

Eclipse (Solar)
Wrath empowers you with Solar energies, building up to 16% increased critical strike chance and then diminishing down to 4% increased critical strike chance, cycling every 8 sec.

Eclipse (Lunar)
Starfire empowers you with Lunar energies, building up to 16% increased haste and then diminishing down to 4% increased haste, cycling every 8 sec.

Only one Eclipse may be active at a time.

Fun Fact:

  • This concept is consistent with the Night Elf racial passive: Touch of Elune

Touch of Elune
Increases your Haste by 1% during the night.

Increases your Critical Strike by 1% during the day.


  • Similar to the Mage talent Incanter’s Flow, this concept of Eclipse sees a return to the ebb and flow mechanic of previous iterations, while allowing you to remain in control of which Eclipse you choose to be in via tying activation to a single use of Wrath or Starfire.
  • The only restriction to this mechanic is that only one Eclipse may be active at a time. Keep in mind, you can change your activate Eclipse at any point, as needed.
  • You will remain in whichever Eclipse you activate until you change it by casting the appropriate spell. If combat ends, the cycle simply pauses for a short period before resetting.
  • The buff will gain and lose stacks while active, increasing by 4% every sec on the up-cycle and decreasing by 4% every sec on the down-cycle.

Additional Comments:

  • The bonus critical strike chance granted while in Solar Eclipse will be beneficial in single-target encounters, thanks to the Improved Starsurge talent rework, more on that later.
  • The bonus haste granted while in Lunar Eclipse will be beneficial since haste tends to scale well in multi-target encounters, and will see further preference if Starfall is changed to scale with it.

The empowerment bonus of each Eclipse can be changed in many ways, depending on how you want the mechanic to work. For example:

  • Wrath empowers your Nature spell damage, building up to…
  • Starfire empowers you with Lunar energies, building up to 16% increased critical strike chance and…
  • Wrath empowers you with Solar energies, building up to 16% increased haste and…

Depending on those changes made, various talents will require revision.

It’s worth noting that our Mastery: Total Eclipse will remain unchanged:

Mastery: Total Eclipse
Solar Eclipse increases Nature spell damage by 8.8%, and Lunar Eclipse increases Arcane spell damage by 8.8%.


  • As is, our mastery works well with this concept of Eclipse. There are many moving parts, but they synergize well.

Due to the snowball effect that the Eclipse change has on other talents, I will include some concepts below that improve upon this mechanic:

Improved Eclipse
Eclipse now increases the maximum empowerment bonus to 20%, and increases each cycle to 10 sec.


  • Revised slightly to fit the new mechanic.

Improved Starsurge
Increases the critical strike damage of Starsurge by 30%.


  • Effectively a rework of the original talent, this brings power to our primary spender, especially while under the effects of Solar Eclipse.

Celestial Alignment
Instant / 2 min cooldown
Bring the celestial bodies into alignment over the target area applying Moonfire and Sunfire to all enemies. For 20 sec, both Eclipses are maintained.


  • The change here removes the haste bonus since Eclipse now grants a significant amount of critical strike chance and haste throughout its cycle.
  • At only a 2 minute cooldown, this spell should be more significant and worthwhile than as it is in retail.
  • Once the duration has expired, you would return to the Eclipse based on the most recent spell you cast.

Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
Instant / 2 min cooldown
An improved Moonkin Form that grants the benefits of Celestial Alignment at maximum empowerment for 30 sec. You may shapeshift in and out of this improved Moonkin Form for its duration.


  • The change is self-explanatory. The power jump of Incarn over CA is more significant than as it is on retail.

Shooting Stars
When any Eclipse reaches maximum empowerment, Shooting Stars fall 100% more often.


  • A simple revamp to work with the new Eclipse mechanic.

Balance of All Things
Eclipse now gains 50% of the opposite empowerment’s bonus.


  • A rework of how it functions on retail, this increases the power of the Eclipse cycle in a way that doesn’t interfere, or is counterintuitive, to it’s mechanical design.

Stellar Inspiration
Starsurge and Starfall have a [10%/20%/30%] chance to benefit double the amount of their secondary effects.


  • Similar to its effect on retail, this passive has been changed to better fit the new Improved Starsurge talent, while having no change of effect on the existing Improved Starfall talent.

Choose one:

Blessing of Elune
Lunar Eclipse now remains at maximum empowerment for an additional 2 sec, and cycles every 12 sec.

Blessing of An’she
Solar Eclipse now remains at maximum empowerment for an additional 2 sec, and cycles every 12 sec.


  • Remains faithful to the effect of the new talent, while retroactively working for this Eclipse concept.

While a majority of these numbers are pending due to tuning, I believe they work well given this new concept. That being said, they can easily be adjusted for the sake of balance.


Very well thought out feedback Prowner, I would definitely like to add the idea of adding the splash damage to solar wrath (from when we had empowerments), while in solar eclipse. It feels so awful casting your single target ability in AoE situations. If we can do something to alleviate that feeling that would be great. Even if its a different idea than I mentioned.

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I appreciate the thoughtful feedback!

TL;DR at the end.

My concern with adding splash damage to Wrath is that the line between Eclipses become incredibly blurred. If Wrath deals splash damage, then it’s absolutely no different from Starfire, since Starfire also deals moderate damage to a single target and splash damage to all secondary enemies.

That’s why my thought is to add a cleave effect to Starsurge via Power of Goldrinn:

No, it isn’t directly tied to Wrath, but at least this way you’re still dealing some form multi-target damage in an AoE situation, even while Solar Eclipse is active (and even more-so while Lunar Eclipse is active).

I like the idea of Wrath and Starfire serving unique purposes, but perhaps it could be done different.

Perhaps Wrath could add a stacking buff to the player, which increases the damage of your next Sunfire. For example:

Power of the Sun
Solar Eclipse causes Wrath to increase the damage of your next Sunfire by 5%, stacking up to 10 times.

This way, casting Wrath in Solar Eclipse is more meaningful, especially in AoE situations.

For the sake of balancing the damage between builders and spenders, and making Wrath and Starfire more meaningful in their respective Eclipses, you can do the following to Improved Eclipse in the talent tree:

Improved Eclipse
Wrath and Starfire empower the damage bonus of their active Eclipse by 2% for its duration.

And the current effect of Improved Eclipse, which reduces the cast time of Wrath and Starfire by 15% (up from the baseline 8%), can be baked into Eclipse itself.

I agree with you that something needs to be done for Wrath and Starfire, and their Eclipses, I’m just not convinced that making the spells totally alike in how they deal damage is the answer. I want them to feel different, yet equally powerful in their own right, regardless of the situation or form of content.


Nice post Prowner, many of these changes give the core rotation the interaction it needs to feel meaningful casting a builder or a spender. I really like the idea of giving Stellar drift a CD apart from Starfall, if SF can stack or carry the damage of the previous cast.


I can see that, wrath just feels so bad to press in single target and with enough adds you don’t even press it which makes our solar eclipse pointless. I do like the idea of adding sun fire damage, so while your in your solar eclipse your machine gunning wrath then at the end you get a huge meaty sunfire, I actually think that would be really fun. I do think the buff would have to be bigger because it would need to outpace the option of just choosing to press starfire and ignoring the solar eclipse. However if you make it too big I do see an issue in single target empowering out sunfire as well as the issue of it now punishes you if you refresh your dots while moving because you would be over writing a more powerful sunfire. Alternatively let it splash but instead of doing its damage it forces an empowered tick of sunfire to nearby targets. I’m not sure the best route forward but we definitely agree something should be done.

I also wouldn’t hate the idea of implementing some WotLK flavor into our stuff. So right now where Lunar is the AOE if they made it so that when starfire hits 2 or fewer targets its crit chance is increased it would feel better in the single target aspect of things. This leaves the AoE aspect alone and lets Lunar have its place of not just being a burden in single target fights.

I think both of these things are sort of acknowledged by blizz in the Blessing of Elune/An’she node in the tree but that choice just lets us slightly mitigate the problems of the ST/AOE focused eclipses instead of solving it.

I understand not wanting the lines between the eclipses to be blurred but because our eclipses are in a forced rotation and we can’t just choose to stay in one or the other forever they should both be good in whichever situation.

What would your thoughts be of adding a stance bar style chose and just lets us pick which spells we want to empower and we use those? I think it could make for some interesting play, the boss spawned adds, we jump into lunar to cleave them down, or just one big add we hop back to solar to focus fire the one mob. Gives us total agency on which spells are empowered and when so we have that choice.


I could be wrong, but I think Blizzard doesn’t bother to look into class forums. You’re ideas aren’t bad, but they are falling on deaf ears.

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They may not look at them, but never posting on these forums is a guaranteed way for discussion and feedback to go unseen. I’d rather stay optimistic.


Interesting concept, and I wouldn’t doubt they’d try this again since they tend to refer back to previous iterations of gameplay.

It’d definitely put us in full control of our play style, which I like the sound of. And Celestial Alignment would simply activate both stances/Eclipses simultaneously for its duration.


An idea about Convoke:

Convoke the Spirits should always cast an exceptional spell or ability.

Improved Convoke the Spirits should instead add situational effects depending on the effectiveness of the cast. For example:

Improved Convoke the Spirits
Each time Convoke the Spirits deals direct damage or healing to a unique target, its cooldown is reduced by 5 sec. Each time it deals direct damage or healing to the same target, your haste and critical strike chance are increased by 5% for 4 sec.

An alternative, similar to its conduit/legendary effect:

The cooldown of Convoke the Spirits is reduced by 30 sec, and all damage and healing is increased by 20% for its duration.


I love this. And hope blizz is open to community suggestions like this. It feels so crummy to be s/a tier for part of an expac then nerfed into b/c tier by the end. :confused:


The sad thing about being S/A tier at the start of Shadowlands… it was solely because of the extremely potent Balance of All Things legendary.

When it was nerfed to the ground, so was Balance because our issues are at a fundamental level—something that no borrowed power system can fix without causing us to be overpowered.


Imagine how much better off the player base would be if people contributed absolutely anything to this game, instead of trolling on level 30-something Classic characters that will never see any sort of relevant end-game progression.

You’d love to see it.

And thanks for the bump. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thinking about this suggestion, and the post you made elsewhere in the forums:

Maybe ‘stances’ aren’t necessary. If anything, they’d add bloat and clunkiness to the toolkit. I think the solution is to integrate each eclipse into Wrath and Starfire, respectively, which would activate them immediately without the caveat of alternating eclipses (as it is on live).

Wrath and Starfire activate an Eclipse, empowering your spells for 10 sec.

Eclipse (Solar)
Wrath reduces the cast time of your Nature spells by 4%, and increases their critical strike chance by 4%, stacking up to 2 times.

Eclipse (Lunar)
Starfire reduces the cast time of your Arcane spells by 4%, and increases their critical strike chance by 4%, stacking up to 2 times.

Only one Eclipse may be active at a time.

Tying each eclipse to your builders allows you to activate each eclipse right away, and removing the restriction of alternating eclipses puts you in full control of your rotation.

Yes, a duration is still tied to them, so I’ll elaborate more on this below with the following suggestions:

Improved Eclipse
Eclipse now reduces the cast time and increases the critical strike chance of affected spells by 6%.


  • This is just a tweak to the existing Improved Eclipse passive, retrofitted for the above Eclipse suggestion.

Improved Starsurge
Starsurge further empowers the damage bonus of any active Eclipse, and extends the duration by 1 sec.


  • This adds back in the original concept of Improved Starsurge which, back in Shadowlands Alpha/Beta, extended the duration of the active Eclipse.

Ultimately, there are two ways this could go:

  1. Give each eclipse a baseline duration, but allow the duration and damage bonus to be extended by certain spells / means of executing the rotation (in this case, Starsurge)

  2. Remove the duration of each eclipse, except for when activated by Celestial Alignment, but also introduce a cap to the ‘further empowerment’ effect of Improved Starsurge so that it doesn’t scale infinitely.

Keep in mind, our Mastery: Total Eclipse should be fine as is, as it synergizes well with this concept of Eclipse.

Regardless, you’re no longer forced to alternate between Solar and Lunar. Instead, you can simply activate whichever eclipse you prefer by casting the appropriate spell. The only restriction is that only one eclipse may be active at a time, with the exception of Celestial Alignment active/passive procs.


I would love to see something like this, this gonna give us a permanent mastery damage buff. In pve its not much a big of a deal since you always stay in eclipse maybe you lose 2 globals and its not that bad, even tho is obnoxious, but in pvp trying to stay in eclipse it feels stray awful and many times i just launch a bunch of starsurges with fury of elunes out of eclipse, because its dumb having to cast 2 extra spells after using a significant amount of globals to prepare my setup kill. Having a permanent eclipse until you switch is a huge QOL change for pvp.

Skipping the main part of your spec bc its clunky and slow to prepare is bad game design, I know they are mastery that are not that good in pvp, but ours is a good damage buff it is just clunky af


My personal favorite of the two alternatives is the first one. As long as you can cast either Wrath or Starfire even once, you’re immediately put into an eclipse.

Giving each eclipse a duration makes it more meaningful, from a certain point-of-view. You know it’s going to eventually refresh, or ‘cycle,’ so you do your best to execute your rotation in order to extend it for as long as possible before it starts all over again. Sort of like mini-Ravenous Frenzy windows.

In any case, giving us full control of our eclipses would be a massive and welcomed change.

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Although I will say, if they can find a way to make ‘permanent’ eclipses work, and balance the other talents that improve upon it, while ensuring that they remain impactful, I’m all for it.

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To be honest, I can live with just 1 cast since we get a free starfire cast if we are hurt (owlkin frenzy) but 2 is just to much. So If i can refresh the same Eclipse, lunar if i cast a starfire, That wont be bad. So I can stay in lunar as long I have a owlkin stack.

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I made some tweaks to the format of the original post for the sake of clarity and readability, and added the Eclipse rework suggestion to the second post.

Feel free to navigate to that post via the quote below:


I was thinking about it a bit, I believe that the smart thing to do is work in their first concept of eclipses for Shadowlands but tweaked. Like you say, you cast SF for Lunar and Wrath for Solar, you have a 50% chance of getting eclipse, so 2 cast is guaranteed or can go in 1 cast(lucky me), Eclipses are 12 or 13sec long, and Starsurges increase the duration by 2 or 3 sec.

The new blessing further improves the damage of the eclipse you want, Starfire for lunar blessing and wrath for solar. and/or maybe increase the amount of sec starsurges improves the eclipse you are in.