Dragonflight: Awaken in the Forbidden Reach

Dragonflight: Awaken in the Forbidden Reach

Begin your journey as a dracthyr Evoker in a nature-claimed caldera lost to the ravages of time.

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Well for whatever its worth, to people that didn’t get alpha or beta and they are hoping for something to justify playing DF at all…

I played the Evoker starting area in Beta – while I won’t lie and tell you its groundbreaking (it simply is not) but it was enjoyable , good quality starting content .

I liked it.


So the best starter zone ever is the one for DKs. Better or worse?

Aren’t we stuck waiting another week for them? Is this article early?

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I personally like DK better, but Evoker is still good.

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Yeah, its a little bit early for this article.

Its hype for Tuesday.

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…and the crowd goes mild!


I’m not hyped for the servers to be down until 10 o’clock at night

Though I am ready. Plan to make 4 Evokers on 3 Alliance servers + 1 Horde server.

I actually don’t like the DK starter zone. Just did it the other day. Blah. Took me from level 8 to level 21 to escape it.

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I’m going to need your DK card.


I don’t revere Arthas, so I was never all that entralled by the Death Knight starting experience. I do revere dragons, though, so my opinion would be biased regardless.

I will simply say that both are a product of the time in which they were implemented, and great considering the tools they were working with.

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I don’t “revere” Arthas either, I just think it’s has good quests. To me it’s by far the best starter zone.

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it was very tone setting for sure and when compared to the rest of the starting zones for each race, the only ones I liked more were the worgen starting zone and pandaren starting zone, one because of the story it told (weaker than the DK starting zone but I’m a sucker for werewolves and people overcoming their curses to use it as a strength) and one for the sheer beauty of the zone.

It is thematic, I’ll give it that. But I think it was just a showcase of a lot of new tech that was added in WotLK, and given that many of us created a DK before getting into the expansion proper, it blew our minds. The only notable moment that really stuck with me is when you need to kill your “friend.”

I would put it on the same level as the DH, Goblin, Worgen, and Evoker experience. It’s an actual narrative where you serve as an actual character, which just isn’t all that common in WoW.

I love the zone design and lush terrain and the ancient ruins.

The music fits the zone and it gives off ancient vibes.

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I still think the Worgen starting zone is the most fun out of all of them, DK included.

Still hype for Evokers though!

I think they’re letting people know they still have time to pre-purchase and then play an evoker on the 15th.

I have to be up until 1 am that night anyway…my turn to do server maintenance night rebooting servers and turning services on starting at 11 pm. So might as well keep checking on the game while I wait.

Please buff and fix Devastation. It’s rotation flow needs a lot of work! It is also waaaay too squishy. Open up the race to other classes before the next expansion. That was such a huge disappointment.