Dragonflight Alpha is Now Live

I’m just dieing to see the full spectrum of the new talent system

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have to be a streamer or a good friend of blizzards… tehy dont let us avg joes test it out an then wonder why the xpac cattered to the wrong peeps


I know they let has asmongold in why let him in he not even playing the game it so unfair how they pick

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well, technically, you don’t get to opt-in for Alpha, just Beta. Alpha is by invitation only.


But the want quality feedback… well, they did allow streamers in. LOL… There goes my argument out the window. ROFL.


watches as it runs away for its life

Its going…going…

Its gone.

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Now not only are they not letting you preview zones the way you want to, they are scheduling you as if you were an employee.

Part of the fun of testing was getting to do what you wanted when you wanted. /ROFL, they are scheduling your testing time and you are paying them to work for them. Poor ol’wow.

It’s pure genius to get your subscribers to pay to do what most companies pay a software engineer a 6 figure income to do.

The only xpac I did in-depth testing for was wod, and when all the complex math was done for them by the subscribers, they erased the beta forum and did what they wanted to. Then they promote the guy who single-handedly lost the most subscribers in the shortest amount of time, it’s still an industry record.

What a farce.


You’re not paying software engineers 6 figure incomes to test game software. Engineers write the software and unit tests. They don’t do the quality tests. You’re paying quality control 5 figures to test software for that, but why not get people willing to do it for free and more passionately? The testing being focused is smart and how it should be, as long as they turn off the classes that are currently active when they put others on. Otherwise you get the first few classes being iterated on dozens of times and the last few getting maybe one or two iterations.

Source: I’m a software engineer


You have no clue what you’re talking about concerning my place within my profession’s spectrum.

Alpha testing a game is not a 6 figure job for software engineers. If you’re in the finance industry then sure you might get just above 6 figures or in FANG, but chances are you also have a financial or other highly specialized background as well. This still isn’t being done by the software engineers, but rather their quality teams.

What we’re discussing is a basic quality control job, and it’s for a game, not their network or system integrity. Billions aren’t at risk. The security isn’t at risk. PII isn’t at risk here. So the need to get it ‘absolutely’ right isn’t present. They can get it mostly right, heck they’ve even barely got it right in some expansions, and people still pay money to play the game.


\face palm

Wait what?

Your response is filled top to bottom with BS. Literally nothing you said makes sense at all.

Ok you can claim credit for the emo stuff. I’ll give you that.

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Every time they do Alpha for an expac, it’s always going to be the popular content streamers and the like…it’s true Alpha is by invitation only; if you are hoping to play then don’t bother. Even when you “opt in” from Alpha you can only opt in for Beta. Blizzard is not concerned with the player base that could actually make a difference, just the streamers because they use them to generate more interest. Just my opinion tho


As a player who wants to stay in dracthyr’s draconic form most of the time, it’s really annoying that I get switched back to visage form every time I mount, just to stay in a blood elf visage form when I dismount. Why would I want to spend most of my time looking at a race that already exists?

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playing the EVOKER being a 25yrd range class, i feel like it needs some type of cc, being a Dragon Aspect class you want to feel like you have control of most situations especially being the only 25yrd ranged class they are more prone to being attacked and an easy target,

like a rogue for instance with there new class tree’s and talents they can cc someone for upto 1min+ with dr’s wearing off etc,

i think it would only be fair to add a instant cc to the class like a stun/Sap or a SLEEP of some sort or somthing inventively new i 100% feel like it would suit the gameplay and class aspect as a whole.

i had one other thought,

how cool would it be if the Evoker Had a Magic Mortal strike/wound ability, theres not many in the game atm and dont think there is a ranged mortal wound ability at all?? it would also make 100% sense as the class is a dragon/rapotor type?? thoughts?

P.S. i havent played the alpha yet as i dont have it, but been watching tones of alpha on twitch and these are few of discussions been having with them


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They can take an incapacitate, extend all CC in a cone by 50% of it’s duration, dispel enrages, dispel up to 4 beneficial spells per target on all targets in a cone, they have a knock up, and they have a kockback. They’re OP as crap right now.


Biggest problem right here with Alpha :frowning:


Also, take away the long Soar cooldown please.


I’m not in the alpha; but after seeing a lot of dragonriding and the racing, I think that a great feature would be to allow raids or 5man parties to have a race editor.
Strapping it onto the raid marker with a hold to increase elevation might work. Allowing raid leader/assist to set up a course with flying power ups and rings and able to initiate a racing-readycheck to start a countdown and allow everyone to take off at the same time. If the system is too difficult with the coding, then an interface with preset race courses for the whole group to join at once would also be fantastic. Sharding the group when the race is counting down may reduce interference or perhaps that would make it more fun.
Anyway, I wasn’t sure where to put this, so hopefully someone on the team sees it and likes it. I also relinquish all rights to this idea, in perpetuity, to Blizzard, the WoW dev teams, or addon creators that can make it work. My coding ability is nowhere near good enough to get it going.


Let everyone have access to the character creator please so we can play around with Dracthyr customization.


Nope, not true, you need have and sustain an audience of people first to have some sort of publicity and its not easy as you think than creating an account and pressing the “Go Live” button.

I can consider myself an average joe and I can tell ya that I have been previously flagged for WoD beta, Legion alpha/beta, BFA alpha/beta and SL beta and seen some average joes in those betas I have been that aren’t content creators.

Also there is nothing fomo about playing the alpha / beta.

Its been like this since Cataclysm, i honestly dont know why you are still surprised by this.


Yes, but what about Joyous Journeys?

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With all apologies due, I’d rather have a schedule of when all classes will be available instead of all zones.

But maybe that’s me being jaded (pun slightly intended) with the perennial lack of attention paid to monks.

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