Dragonblight / Fenris community discord server

Long time member of the Dragonblight community here, I have seen people posting about the nostalgia of Dragonblight way back before it’s current “dead” incarnation and I too miss the days where chat was popping off, and people were at least having conversation and investing in a community.

As GM of Impartial on the horde side I’ve slowly seen the decline of not only the raiding community overall but the community in general to where the server has become a ghost town. I’ve made my guild a decent place to raid to try and draw people to the server, and recruit off server as much as possible.

However I’m now trying a new approach, I’ve decided to put up a central community discord server for Dragonblight / Fenris, both factions included. As a neutral place for the community to conversate, share memes and info on classes, specs, guilds, or just talk about nostalgic times. As well as some functional chat as far as looking for players to raid, do dungeon runs or PVP with.

I want to bring back the sense of community and invest effort towards livening things up in the hopes that it could draw people back to the server. For more info feel free to hit me up on discord @ MKE_Tempest#5246.


Sounds interesting, I would love to see the community get a little bit more active, and maybe even grow a bit more. I’ll send ya a friend request on discord.