Dragonblight and Fenris need more realm connections

It feels to me that Dragonblight/Fenris are dead or dying for the most part. I am in the top guild between the 2 and it’s hard to recruit when there aren’t many people on this cluster. It’s harder to sell items on the auction house because not a lot of people are there to buy items. Guilds are dying because we don’t have enough to recruit. I feel like we need a couple more realms so it’s not feeling so dead and lonely.


hey, can you explain something to me. I started on Fenris in Legion due to some friends playing. they all stopped so My main wow toon is all alone. how do guilds etc even work now? Is our realm so dead it’s not worth playing on anymore?

I’ve been playing this realm since wrath of the lich king and it doesn’t seem to get better I only wish their were more ppl in this realm it’s so bad for pvp sometimes I had to wait 2 hours just for one single match on a weekend and sure as hell the alliance were over geared so that didn’t help at all