Dracthyr should have instant flight because of Discerning Eye

I don’t understand if you’re going to give this race that trait (Discerning Eye) and not give them instant flight form like druids, it defeats the purpose of being a dragon if you can’t fly but just glide. Heck every dragon I see around warcraft they can fly.
This will still make druids the kings of farming because addons will just help. And with the way professions are changing, farming may not be viable for many players. Just imo.


You do know there’s a mount to herb like a druid right?

I do but it’s not an instant flight form. Rethink your comment and come back :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You mount one time and can keep herbing. It’s not really that far. you’re saving a second?

Yeah, and it’s rather unsightly. I kind of wish they’d come out with a cute and/or pretty herbing mount.

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They should make new mounts with that kind of stuff and probably revisit the mount equipments so you can equip more than one.

Yeah, I’m not sure why it isn’t a mount equipment.

They don’t need instant flight.

What they need is for them to undo the speed nerf, and make it so Soar can be castable while falling/moving (and no fall damage taken if you land while casting), and lower the cooldown to 2-3 minutes.


This is about instant flight form. Are you having a hard time understanding that?

And soar isn’t a druid ability. Are you having a hard time understanding that?

I beg to differ, they do need instant flight. No fun being a dragon if all you can do is soar. We can agree to disagree :relieved:

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You being a troll makes perfect sense, don’t know why they didn’t catch that at first…a 5 minute cooldown “ooooo ahhhh I’m a dragon I can’t fly but I sure can soar and glide for a short period of time” sigh


Dracthyrs have unique abilities that work differently because they aren’t druids. Or fully dragons like some think. They are Dracthyr, a weaker race of dragons made for spellcasting.

Well as I’ve said to the other on this thread, we can agree to disagree :relieved:

100% agree with your entire post, but I’d insist the cooldown should be reduced to 1-2 minutes, or removed entirely.


Yea if they can at least lower the cd for Soar that would be awesome, I hope they don’t turn this into a fun detected = fun eliminated type of deal like they’ve done in the past.


You see there’s this new mechanic called wing stamina and strength.

We must flap 1 million times to get full flight. Kinda like how if you jumped a million times in Morrowind

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I do wish they would expand on mount equipment. I’d really like if we could even go so far as to recruit vendors to fill out our multi-seater mounts instead of having preset passengers.

You are not a Dragon. You are a Dracthyr.

Why does nobody understand the difference yet?