Dracthyr should have a rush and double jump like dh

Demon Hunters have a fel rush, they use fel energy to rush forward. they also have a double jump then glide. Dracthyr can’t rush forward, but should be able to use their wings to do so much like the dragon riding mounts can rush forward with their wings. Their double jump also is just a single jump then a slight increase as their wings open. I feel they can use their wings to get that extra boost up before opening their wings. Demon Hunter can go jump > jump > wings. Dracthyr go jump > wings.

Hover has left the chat.


Hover is one of the best mobility spells in the game… For a ranged caster evoker’s jump and then glide is a massive amount of mobility. I’ve gotten CE twice on my evoker and I’m rank 83 world wide for Augmentation damage. There was never a point where I wanted more mobility.

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but have you ever wanted to get over something slightly higher than you were able to jump normally :thinking:

Lol we have so much mobility and tail swipe and buffet. Not a shot we need this and no chance we wouldn’t have to give something better up for it.

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I just want to know why we don’t have a racial for laying eggs.


i swear evoker and demon hunter have the same jump height, its just evoker requires 2 spacebar presses instead of 3 as the forward glide is triggered at the same time as the slight upward launch

Ah, but DH glide also has a slight upward launch

alright fine dh jump way higher. still ain’t gonna sacrifice everything to play one

playing both i can honestly say that evoker having soar kind of goes way higher then dh double jump ever does. i will say though that dh mobility being increased by mastery gives them more on the ground run speed then 2 15s hover cds.

my dh for comparision and no i dont do a lot of content anymore other then casual fun.

But you can only get CE once

should’ve stayed 60 with a crafted run speed set