Dracthyr RP Ideas?

I’ve got a long day of work ahead of me and roleplay on the mind, so I figured I’d start a conversation about dracthyr RP!

Are any of you interested in roleplaying a dracthyr? If so, what are your ideas?

Since so little has been released about them so far, I feel a bit like I’m grasping at straws, but that hasn’t stopped me from brainstorming. What we do know is that they were created by the black dragon Neltharion to be living weapons millennia ago, and that they wield the powers of all five dragonflights. That’s enough to provide a framework, at least.

I figure it would be natural for a dracthyr to feel more affinity for some dragonflights over others, just like how real people have their own talents and interests. To that end, I’ve been thinking that I’d have fun roleplaying a dracthyr that prefers the Bronze Dragonflight the most, closely followed by the Green. She might even take a name that ends in -dormi to represent this, if the lore allows it. (And coincidentally, the healing spec is based on Bronze and Green magic, so that works perfectly in my favor.)

And in that vein, I love the idea that she hasn’t completely mastered her control over time yet, so she often gets confused about where in the timeline she is. Like, maybe she will walk up to someone she has never met before and say, “Hey! I had such a good time at that bar last night!” and they’re just like, “Who are you?” Then in a week from that point, that bar visit comes to pass. :laughing: It might be difficult to pull off, given I don’t want to make assumptions about what other people’s characters might do, but if I can find a way to make it work, then I’m so down.

I’ve also never roleplayed a bubbly character before, so I thought I might give it a try. Maybe she’s overly delighted about pretty much everything and doesn’t use vulgar language at all. I’m still debating on what personality she should have, though.

What about you guys? If we all throw some ideas into the pot, I think we could inspire each other and get some great characters cookin’!


I grew up playing D&D as a kid so that’s how I have approach any MMORPG. What I would do if it were me is to come up with say a template. Go in with an idea of what you want to do and then when the lore is presented I would customize it according to that lore. The bottom line is to play something that you think would be fun for you.

I have made characters that I just couldn’t stick with because I didn’t have a solid enough character hook. I recently rolled up the same character I think three or four times until I got a solid character concept that I was happy with, so you’re definitely not alone in that.

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I think this is the approach to take while we’re waiting for more info to come out. We just don’t have the info to make a full character at the moment, so it’s best to come in with an outline of what we want and build on it over time. I just hope Blizzard doesn’t throw a curveball at us, like that every dracthyr is a surly, bloodthirsty beast or something. I doubt they’d railroad us like that, though.

I’m interested in doing role-play with a Dracthyr and got some early ideas.

My early concept for them is similar to this. They’re a Dracthyr leaning toward Blue and Red magic (which is one of the class specs too) that knows how to cast five really powerful spells - one from each dragonflight - but simultaneously can’t do it alone. He needs direct or indirect help to do it, and that is the backbone to a mechanic I want to incorporate into a d20 ruleset for a Dragonflight RP campaign.

Beyond that, I got little figured out about them elsewhere, like personality and other characteristics. It’ll be something to figure out once Dragonflight enters opened/closed betas.

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Interesting. :thinking: Obviously, because of our past conversations, I know you’ve wanted to create a spell that takes multiple people to cast, but I didn’t realize it was specifically tied to your character. I thought it was just a DM mechanic. That’s actually a clever way of getting your characer involved in other people’s RP. You have to roleplay with other people to realize your character’s full potential.

What sort of breath weapon did Deathwing have? Curious because if I do make one I usually go for horror themed characters.

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I actually don’t know. That’s probably a question for Wowpedia.

According to this he breathes fire like most dragons in fantasy settings.

I tried to post the link from wowpedia but it would not let me no matter how hard I tried to link it for you. I even used the link button on the post and it still wouldn’t let me do it. Wowpedia is where I found out about Deathwing (someof which surprised me) and his breath weapon,

So if they follow the lore, which I am pretty sure they will, the Black Dragon Flight uses fire as well. Going by that I think it’s pretty logical that Dracthyr will be have fire breath weapons as well.

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The only good dragon is a dead dragon. They’ve never done anything good for us and they can’t even clean up their own messes without our help.

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I’m naming my dragon Toothless, and gonna level up my human survival hunter, Hiccup.

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I will name my Dracthyr trogdor

Burninating the village, the people, and the peasants

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“Feeling cute today, may interrupt an execution and burn a village.” #Dragonthings


It’s all good – I can visit the page myself. Interesting; from that perspective, it sounds like the Black Dragonflight are the most traditional dragons of all. I’m surprised plain fire would be their thing and not, I don’t know, earthbending.

:eyes: You and I are going to war. See you on the battlefield! #DragonRights

lol, love these! I can’t wait for all the dragon memes that are going to crop up. It’s like seeing demon hunters named “Illidaddy” all over again. :100:

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I am surprised that their aren’t a bunch now.

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I’ve been scrounging through what little information we have about the dracthyr and felt inspiration strike from their origins.

The dracthyr were created by Neltharion to be weapons but were soon put into hibernation for millennia. There are a lot of questions here – how much fighting did they see before they went to sleep? Have they dreamed in all that time? When they awaken, will they be under some sort of residual control? Will fighting be in their nature, or will they be no more warmongering than everyday people? How difficult will it be to integrate into civilian life?

I think there’s a lot of opportunity here for people to roleplay the effects of PTSD. I mean, they will go from being actual living weapons to being free. And they will have to cope with the knowledge that the entire reason for their existence is to cause destruction on behalf of an insane dragon. That will certainly wreak havoc on the mind.

If they dream, then that will open a whole 'nother avenue. Imagine the disorientation, dissociation and sadness that would come from awakening only to realize that the entire life you’ve lived in the past 10,000 years was a lie. Part of me wonders if they would enter the Emerald Dream due to being draconic, which would make 10,000 years of dreaming much more bearable. But if that’s the case, would they have been training for war all that time, only to awaken in a world without Neltharion?

MAN. There’s so much to think about here! I can’t wait for more information to come out. I’m excited about it every single day.

Century: Age of ashes is a great place to look for background lore since that’s where Blizzard got the mechanics idea from anyways.

Hey, if your still interested I’m down to do some early roleplaying aswell! I’m very excited for the xpac, and I really wanna start to get some ideas rolling for my character that I have some rough ideas for atm. So yeah, if you still want to I’m more then happy to!

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will they be allowing trans dragons too?

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