Dracthyr look ridiculously awful

There’s no getting used to this kind of disaster. When pandaren were released it was a bit jarring, but I eventually embraced them despite their goofiness. They have a very specific type of “silly” to them that flows pretty well with their storyline. They’re silly, but it works.

Dracthyr, on the other hand, are supposed to be genetically perfect super soldiers but everything about them visually is just downright horrendous to the point of physical discomfort. The lanky, uncanny-valley bodies, the peanut heads, the awkward floppy wings, the anime schoolgirl running animation, the giraffe neck, the terrible mog options, the noodle arms, everything is just a horrible mistake of epic proportions. Add on top of that the worst spell animations ever released in WoW, and the fact they can’t even fly in a regular fashion and this is just unbelievably awful.

“But I like my Dracthyr! Hey, stop it!”

No, you don’t actually like your Dracthyr. You’re playing it because it’s new. You don’t like their animations, you don’t like their rotation, you don’t like their pathetic 25 yard range, and you don’t like them visually.

Blizzard has had some big misses in the past, but it’s like they’re deliberately trolling us at this point. If you actually enjoy how this new race looks and plays, that’s a serious indicator of something being wrong with you.

Yes, this is harsh. There’s no more skirting around the issue anymore. Somebody ressurect Deathwing and incinerate these abominations.


I agree that they’re awkwardly lanky, I’m not too huge on that but tbh I’ve kind of come around to find them oddly charming, in a way. Similar to your own experience with Pandaren.

Both my Dracs are still sitting at 60, but they’re fun to run around on sometimes.

It’s not that deep.

I think Gnomes and Goblins have terrible anatomy and I find them a little unsettling to look at for too long (esp when they do really exaggerated animations) but you don’t see me telling anyone how they feel about them.

To each their own.

Blizz could have done better and added more options, yeah, but it’s not really a huge deal. You either learn to like them or you don’t, and that’s your journey to make.


Morchok, take it or leave it.


Wow. Truly we are blessed because the definitive authority has spoken from on high and laid to rest any possible subjective arguments or reasoning. I now hate my Dracthyr because I foolish had my own thoughts and opinions.

Thank you, OP, for ridding me of my own thoughts and opinions. I will resume my hivemind thoughts like the sheeple I am. Baaaaaa


They do look pretty terrible as either form.


You, like 99% of everybody else on this forum, have spent hundreds or thousands of hours of your life playing this game. If anything’s “deep”, this is. They look awful. It’s not life or death, but there’s plenty of room on the intarnetz to talk about various things so I’m a bit confused by this statement.


Grl what

Are you like, ok?


If worgen are were-wolves.

Then Dracthyr are were-saurids.


Meh, I wouldn’t call us blessed just yet. They’re still in the game. We have a long way to go.


The only thing trash about Dracthyr is your opinion.


They do feel rather off. And I personally hate both playstyles of Evoker and think they REALLY don’t fit in the game.


No no you made very clear autoratative statements that in no way leaves any kind of room for subjectivity or individual opinion/expression and since everything everyone says on the internet has to be true and in no way a lie, it must mean you are the absolute and final authority on Dracs and what each and every individual person thinks and feels irregardless of what they actually think and feel.


Oh? What does that mean?


I mean I’m glad you agree with this guy because he has the right opinion and if you didn’t I’d have to question your objectivity.


Agree. But preservation is the most fun spec in the game. I use toys to hide my dragon form and hide my human form as horde. /insertWtfMeme


Now now, don’t be silly. I mean just look at you!


I still can’t stand them. i have one panda monk i won’t even use as a bank alt


I think their perfect posture looks the worst.


I can understand that. They look goofy but in my opinion, they fit well within Pandaria. But quite a respectable opinion.

Dracthyr on the other hand don’t even fit in on the Dragon Isles.


If only there was some sort of system wherein we could take different kinds of items to create a different look, tone, and silhouette for our Dracthyr. We’d be borrowing from two decades of art assets to allow for a degree of creativity from the player to establish how their character looks. Some kind of “transfiguration” system that could use unlocked armour to supplement your aesthetic character customization…