Dracthyr being available for all class (seriously)

I highly doubt any of you in the forums would even roll a Dracthyr or heck play one in dragonflight and so why even complain about it and why even complain about the soar.

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They don’t need to be available for all classes, just one is enough with their OP everything.

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at this point probably NOT buying in on DF…perhaps ever, not sure but I don’t see the point…I can’t finish any other Xpacs so why bother failing at one more?

Lmao ironic coming from a Demon Hunter


Hate to break it to you but were not OP as we used to be, we got so many skills removed since Legion.

No worries they’ll be back soon probably either that or a ton of new and interesting stuff

We’ve only gotten more pruned every expansion, and all we will “gain” in DF is covenant abilities to talent trees. This is the curse of “the new class” or “the hero class”. Evokers will eventually experience this too, DKs did too and so did monks.

So when did you start speaking for me? Because your statement is not true. I will be rolling a Dracthyr when pre-pach goes live.


Same literally only pre ordered Dragonflight because of that otherwise would be waiting till like a week after launch lmao


It’s almost like different classes and races can have different perks!

This is a unique new race/class combo added to the game

The argument that Soar is a “racial” ability and is overpowered compared to other racial abilities fails in my opinion. This is because Dracthyr and Evokers are mutually exclusive. You can essentially consider every Evoker class ability a racial ability and every Dracthyr racial ability a class ability.

And in trying you argue other wise, youd have to consider taking all of the dracthyr racials out of the evokers talent tree’s

Why can’t we keep a unique philosophy feel for each class/race? Exactly what blizzard was stating that they wanted to bring back to the game

But as soon as they do people whine aww my class doesn’t have that?

Pick your poison!

Not to mention the nerf was only for trivial content. So how much of an advantage does it really give, in the grand scheme of things?

You don’t get 900% speed using Soar immediately! soar is on a 5min CD


to gain great distance you need to be up/at a high peak to even reach such a greater speed lol and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying. and doesn’t have any of the recharge abilities the dragon riding has

people would love the trivial option to use Soar over dragon riding once in a while on a 5min cd
as a dragon Race with wings

why should it of been nerfed in Dragon isles? let alone old content thats not relevant?

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While I think some of the complaints have gotten a bit out of hand (there are some people acting like Blizz can give Dracthyr all the classes in the next few months before DF), I think the overall sentiment is valid and is even something I’m personally hoping for. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit more variety in terms of how a playable race can interact with the world and new race/class combos often provide that.

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This is sadly a true statement.

Allowing Drakthry to maintain their extensive list of racial perks is a sign that their class options will never be expanded past evoker. Even with Soar nerfed they are far ahead of any other race.

I personally hate this idea for race design and think that it is a horrible design path for the game

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NO. This is an MMORPG and it has lost 99% of the RPG element with no care on lore or any of that anymore. No wonder everyone keeps quitting. This isnt even WoW anymore and not the same genre it once was. Need class identity. Go play your tinkers and all that stuff on other games. Dont need that stuff here.