Double rested exp generation for TBCC when?

No seriously, that would be amazing.

The fact that I have to wait a full week for rested exp before I can justify tackling the 66-70 grind is beyond silly. There was more leveling content per level back in Classic; furthermore there were more people to do it with at this point in the expansion. We’ve got so many other things we have to do after the fact in order to set foot in raids, so why not help the playerbase get there instead of grinding at the mind-numbingly slow pace it is right now?

It may be a very “private server” type of change, but honestly if we slay 200 fewer mobs or do two fewer dungeon runs per level that would make me the 60-70 grind enjoyable. There might even be more people to do it with, meaning more people are playing your game! Why not, Activision?