Double reputation plunderstorm

And that doesn’t necessarily imply that you get more plunder. They never once mentioned increasing plunder. They could decide that you get 2 rep for every 1 plunder, instead of 1 rep for every 1 plunder, which is what you get now, instead of giving you more plunder. In fact, giving you more plunder would also make you be able to level much faster, which would mess with the balance of the game mode.

It’s simple. I don’t think a limited time collectible that requires this much of a grind for little reward is fair at all. You obviously do though. It would be fairer if they doubled it, but that’s ambiguous.

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I don’t see how anyone could be upset over this. Even among people who have already got max rep lol


You came to that conclusion from what exactly?

You are talking about a FOS, there is no “fair” or “unfair” about it. It is what it is, grind it, don’t grind it. Makes no difference to me.

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Just from you saying you “didn’t understand” what I meant by “fairer.”

And you confirmed later that this was indeed, your opinion on the issue. You’re entitled to it. Good day.

Just tested it and confirmed: the PLUNDER number is not doubled, only the reputation is. So the million is still as difficult today as it was yesterday. Ironic given all of the “LOL this guy” replies you had to deal with yesterday.

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Hi, just tested it. The Plunder number I started with was 397,408. The base plunder I got was 765. The final increase to Plunder was 398,173. That’s an exact increase, not a double increase. So sadly yes: it’s only for reputation, not the plunder total.

I did my Grind and I’m more than happy that it will take less time now for the people that still need it.

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Im probably still not going to do any of it.

We can all be Plunderlord… but I was Plunderlord first! :skull_and_crossbones:

This just a dig that it was posted in GD?

No, clearly this was not a joke over the fact blizzard made a post telling people about this before OP did

It bothers me that so many people are playing Plunderstorm simply for the rep and not because they actually enjoy it. It makes me worried blizzard will see the numbers and be like “Wow! They loved it! Let’s make more of that!”


That’s a funny way to spell “yes”.

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I sort of suspected this is what would happen. It happens all the time in OW, why wouldnt they port over such a catch up mechanic?

Then don’t tie amazing cosmetics to it? I would happily not do Plunderstorm if I could get the rewards by playing retail.


Then why did you ask?

Ever occur to you that I wasn’t sure if you hadn’t seen the article and just wanted to link it for you? I wasn’t sure if you were being sarcastic about it not being posted here or you were mocking them for not posting it at all.

I agree it should’ve been posted here as well, but know more people frequent GD.

In all honesty, no it did not

I’m far more used to other responses than someone trying to be helpful, so I’m sorry for my responses

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Fair point. Thank you for apologizing.

Has anyone gotten a paragon cache from Plunderstorm?