Doomhammer, Enhancement Shamans

Blizzard you took away our ability to transmog and dual wield two different skins of the doomhammer. Please give it back. They are the best hammer skins in the game and I want to be able to use two different ones and not use one and be forced to have the elemental secondary. I dont understand why this was randomly and silently done. We could do this all shadowlands.

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For real? That’s a weird change, sorry to hear that Alf. Hopefully they bring it back but if it was on purpose you’d need a lot of traction to get them to revert it, and even then…

I don’t play my shaman but I remember being upset that my doomhammer transmog wouldn’t stay in effect while sheathed unless it was bugged. The lightning one, not that I remember the name anymore.

If you equip the teangs mog through the legendary tab you get forced into the elemental off hand. But the mogs can also be found in the mace section and you can pick whatever you want for either hand.

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It doesn’t matter whether you select one handed mace or artifact, still doesn’t work. It worked all through Shadowlands so this is unexpected.

Found a workaround. Only equip one weapon at a time and only in the main hand. Transmog it to whichever Doomhammer appearance you wish. Then unequip that weapon. Repeat with the second weapon (again keeping in main hand). Then you can equip both weapons and have them show two different Doomhammer appearances.