Dont worry guys, TWW is coming

We asked, nay, we pleaded, and they answered.

TWW will feature an arachnaphobia filter that will turn spider npcs into crabs.

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I thought it was a bit funny, but I honestly don’t mind it.

I don’t think its a big deal having a filter meant to mitigate anxiety that affects people who have irrational fears.

I actually think its hilarious because it further confirms that everything always evolves into crab.

Why is it always crab?


We go out on the vicious spider mount purposely hoping someone closes their eyes and we win.

How will this effect the mount?

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Thats a really good question/questionable use of psychological warfare

Winners win and losers lose


and hyoozy hyoozies lol

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Great feature. Now let me look like a dragon not a lizard

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I wanted my dragon to be JACKED

Yeah, the war within.

Where your buttons do 500% to 20000% baseline.

It’s a war within the game.

Aren’t crabs also kind of gross? If you dislike spiders I’d think if you saw crabs in real life you’d feel the same phobia.

the cope within more like it

i just want a setting to disable warlock/udk/hunters annoying pets that take up 70% of my screen

Threatplates has a setting. I use it and it’s a godsend

Nah not the nameplates themselves but like the actual models but yeah the nameplates are annoying too

I shouldn’t need addons to be able to see anything vs pet specs.

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addons shouldn’t be required for anything but they are.

I’m not sure about this change.

Yes, I have a fear of spiders.

But crabs?

What “normal” healthy human in their prime hasn’t worried about CRAB lice infesting their bleep

My advice for the dev team is let us change the spiders into either democrat donkeys or republican elephants. This way we have enough hatred to one or the other and we’ll gladly rid Azeroth of their existence!!!

There’s gd Kenny

Was I the only one that immediately thought, “craaaaabbbb peeeopleeeee” when this was announced?