Don't worry, Demon Hunters will still be useful after all the nerfs

We were not strong in shadowlands, at high ratings we occupied a couple of percent of the ladder arena. We were only given the chance to be gods in the pre-patch, which is more than enough

The problem with Demon Hunter is that at low ratings, when the problem is head-to-head combat and people can’t push buttons, he looked strong. But against normal players with high ratings, he, as he was trash dying for the camp, will remain so.

For the sake of experiment, I made a twink of a warrior in Europe(sl2), at that time I had 2500 on the demon hunter, and on the warrior I took 2700 in a month, this did not surprise me much, because the huge functionality of the warrior allows you to take high ratings.

You feel that there is nothing you can do to help your team, except for the darkness, which only saves if you give it to 80-90% hp. The gameplay looked like 1-2-3 with a lot of damage but little benefit. That’s why there were so few demon hunters on the ladder. Now not much has changed.

What can I conclude: Demon Hunter was very strong at low ranks. Right now, I don’t think things will change much. They will also be 1-2% at high ratings in 3s.

But still, I found what the demon hunter is best suited for. You can search groups for skinning or farming elementals or farming titanium orbs. Demon Hunter is great for farming these resources, i.e. his AoE is perfect for destroying packs of mobs. Also mining, it often happens that the energy of the dragon is over, and you need to get to the point, you make a jump and take the ore.

If you want to be really strong in the arena, then before you create a demon hunter, create: a warrior, an enhancement shaman, a demon lock, a rogue, a shadow priest, a frost mage, maybe I missed someone … And then compare with the hunter on the demons and realize that you don’t need this garbage.

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Very well written, truth be told, mind you, in the PRE-PATCH, yes, DH was actually broken. But I believe that the recent nerfs were too much, here, in this forum, the other OP classes (SP, Locks, WW, Ferals, Rets and so on) when they see that DH are above average, the cry is free, nerf, nerf , nerf and more nerfs, until the class is completely unplayable. But that’s ok, I just hope that with this “new blizzard” other classes receive the same treatment, waiting for nerfs of the classes mentioned above.

A tip, if possible, it’s no use discussing here, most will defend their preferred class to death (And will cry for nerf any other that is shining).

But what I always do is, if I like the class, I play it, even with it nerfed, so I get more experience with the class.


The Hunt and Fodder the Flame was fine, because it was trully a way too big of a heal, but the regular soul procs from demonic appetite was a bit much by 40%.

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Yes, he is strong only at low ratings to pour AoE damage and that’s it. And at high this is garbage, in which there are few utilities. I thought I’d see a regular Demon Hunter rework, but I didn’t. What Blizzards don’t understand is that class strength isn’t just about damage and survivability, but utility.

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Those weren’t nerfed, though… were they? If you’re just referring to

then I’m pretty sure that’s just a further nerf to fodder and doesn’t affect demonic appetite. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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I for one am not a Dh fan, (previous WW main no bias here). but I thought a good start with changes woulda been making it so if Eye beam got kicked they’d wouldn’t get / have a shorten version of Meta. I thought it would have made it a good change, giving you a reason to kick it makes you take less damage from the meta and the DH suffers from losing leech. I didn’t think it would brake them due to most melee’s avoiding attacking a DH anyway because of their cleave damage + blur, So usually most melee might not kick. But also many casters use their kick to stop CC set ups / healers.

But these healing nerfs are… wow…

I’m eager to see these OP Feral Druids I keep hearing about. I played enough BGs to get full 411 gear on two characters and never once ran into a situation where I thought, “Damn, that Feral Druid was OP”.

Shadow Priests, Warriors, Warlocks and Rogues, though…

Thankfully you’re not in charge of class design, because that’s an absolutely terrible idea.

That is the problem. Feral is super strong in the arena because of his abilities, this is a little different, he is not strong in bg, tunnel and explosive classes are more valued there, which spill a lot of AoE damage. And Feral is a very strong pumper and supporter for his team in the arena, which is why he is hated.
And feral is hard to kill, hard to control, it has a lot of functions to win the arena

Feel free to explain! Keep in mind when I thought of that change is was prior to what blizzard announced, but post the haste affecting Fodder.

Now the gameplay of the demon hunter will be like this: everything is in mastery, pour a bunch of AoE damage on bg and hope that someone in the arena will die from burst for a decree and two enhanced blooddens, if this did not happen, they will be taken out of the arena like monkeys .
This is the dumbest gameplay you could think of for this class.

And then, the Kyrian Decree will be nerfed soon.

Oh I think you are right then yeah, then its fine.

I thought it was also nerfing Demonic Appetite Soul proc

demon hutr is useless yeah if anyone dies ot it they are not ver good lol even mage will dps more into you and multi stuns+imprison+fear+dark+basically nothing ca not land kill if u r dh and are say medium rating of 3k reroll to any other class and be 4k its just truth

It’s just generally a bad idea. It goes against the whole point of channeled abilities applying their effect over the duration of the cast rather than all at once at the end. It goes against the whole point of playing melee if you’re super reliant on casting spells. It goes against the whole point of choosing the short meta talent in the first place in that it’s meant to give you a reliable burst window outside your 3 minute metamorphosis cooldown. It punishes players for being smart and baiting out enemy kicks or cancelling their own eyebeam when the situation calls for it.

If you want kicking eyebeam to have a reward, it already does. It stops eyebeam and locks them out of chaos magic. Why do you think it requires more than that? If you’re going to nerf dh then just nerf dh. Zero need to fundamentally change the spec’s playstyle for the worse.

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