Don't work to "beat" Blizzard's changes

They wait or the BG ends automatically after a set amount of time.

If you like being hit by the ban hammer.

They tolerated it in Vanilla. It’s also one BG, how many people does this really even have an effect on?

nothing i said in bannable.

What else is meta gaming but trying to work in and around systems to give oneself the biggest advantage possible? Players were doing it long before WoW was a thing, and will be doing it long after the last server shuts down.

Take note of how humans have been conducting warfare for thousands of years. Nobody tries to start a fair fight.

Blizzard has given fair warning to x-realms premades. Don’t be surprised if suspensions are next, and then finally bans.

Premade at your own risk.

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blizzard has made their new stance clear, they are still wrong though. these “unfortunate behaviors” are not something they would ever take action against before. it is very disappointing.


Blizzard made changes to favor one faction. They opened that can of worms. They have only themselves to blame if people start trying to find work around to get back functionality which had no place being removed.

I wish my Alliance brothers and sisters the best of luck.

Blizzard has said nothing of the sort.

This is the thing - players continue to gy camp and wont win the game. This is the exact reason we got reinforcements and timers that force the game to end

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That’s a veiled threat my man. Blizzard is not going to tolerate behavior they see as detrimental to the health of their asset. If people keep trying to game the system they will take further action. Premade at your own risk.

Classic’s ranking system is insane. Even more insane is to expect players not to find the path of least resistance.

But apparently premades were condoned 15 years okay.
Guess it’s okay when the blizzard faction (sorry, I mean horde) does it.

By the way exploit means taking advantage of a bug please show me which bug they are taking advantage of

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And horde Corpse camping Alliance 24/7 during phase 2 with good for the long-term health of the game but wait nothing was done about that you can still corpse Camp Alliance 24/7

That’s called Wpvp, it’s not fair, boohoo, get over it.

Easy to say when your the dominant faction.

In vanilla the non dominant faction got to premade
Why is it suddenly a problem?
My guess is because Blizzard’s favorite faction doesn’t get to do it.
And if retail has proven anything blizzard will take care of horde even if it kills alliance

What do you think is gonna happen in p5 to you again? the same thing if you don’t stop complaining and actually organize a counter offensive, Use gorilla warfare when you’re out numbered.

Funny how long-term health of the game only matters when it affects horde.
I hope every Alliance quits PVP servers you guys are left with no World PVP.

Heck I hope more Alliance quit Battlegrounds too just to see blizzard Implement mercenary mode prove that they only care about horde

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The av changes were’t for the horde exclusively, it was to prevent people gaming the queue system and causing your side to have lopsided games by the masses.

There is a difference between instanced and Wpvp.

Learn it.

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The AV changes hurt some Alliance and help other Alliance but only help The Horde exclusively.

Making pre-made was perfectly okay and vanilla wow why should it not be perfectly okay in classic