Don't transfer here if you don't want to RP


Grobbulus is currently being flooded with transfers who are from non rp servers and is killing the server’s personality and identity. Grobbulus is not an RP only or PVP only server, it’s RP-PVP, and if you are transferring here, you must respect that. We are not Faerlina or Herod, don’t make a mess on here like you did in your original pigpen of a server.

I know some people came here due to Barny’s videos, but those days are long gone now as most of the people in those videos have quit, or left after the content drought of Phase 5 (Naxx) and the current situation going on at Blizzard. Same goes for Roleplayers. We have no new blood coming in to rp or even dip their toes in to try. It’s sad times as I remember how lively the server was in Classic…to now where any city besides Shatt is deserted.

Anways im beginning to ramble, but tl;dr is:

  • If you are looking to transfer out of your server, and do not roleplay, don’t come here.

  • If you are alliance, definitely do not come here. Many are saying this isnt because ‘omg ally is bad faction’ like a 12 year old/ ‘me zugzug’, but due to the radical shift in population inbalance.

The balance is now heavily alliance favored as of writing this post (62% Ally to 38% horde) due to the 0 care and control on transfers and its causing problems. There are other PVP servers in dire need of Alliance boosts (Faerlina and Whitemane need ally, but forget about Herod. Let that server rot) more than Grobbulus does.


Don’t listen to this guy, no one role plays on this server.

Come one, come all!


I just got 70 not too long ago this server is full of great people, I already made some friends!

Thanks for supporting the globbulus community Grifball, all are welcome especially new alliance friends it’s time to stomp out the horde and win the war for the alliance!

The horde will be beaten back and the alliance will be conquering the outlands, flee horde scum for the alliance!:muscle:

Its like I’ve seen this story before…

tale as old as time.


Lies. There are knuckleheads, but there is some RP.

If you don’t intend to RP and want to transfer, fine. But don’t disrupt RP is the bottomline.

It often takes non RPers some exposure to RP before they give it a shot anyway.


Yep, there is rp! Horde side however. Ally side had some, but its a small circle compared to Horde that have guilds. It’s also because Grobb isnt like WRA or Moonguard where walk ups can happen out of the blue. It’s mostly on ‘event’ days or an agreed on date big server event like Grobbchella or Burning Grobb.

Sounds a lot like Emerald Dream, I wanted to log on and level my rogue but I guess not anymore.

Ironically a lot of RPers on Grobb are from ED! They bailed ED as soon as Classic was announced and been sticking around. Redwood Tribes is one of those guilds.

But ED ended up the same, which is why a lot of ex-ED rpers are freaking out, as we don’t want to end up like the retail RP-PVP server being full of non-rpers and 0 rpers as they either quit or left for a more populated (but PVE) server like WRA/MG.


lol you mean you don’t want guilds like “team toxic” moving from dead servers like smolderthorn shocker.

It’s all good. This forum is hoppin’. Everything will be just fine. You’ll see.


Remember to mass report non-RP names. We must cleanse this realm of these non-RP savages.


This is a problem as old as time.

The solution to this issue is simple: Build a bigger, better, more cohesive community amongst roleplayers.

Set some ground rules.
Enforce the realms naming and rp policies without exception.

You’ll be seen as “bad guys” and “buzz kills”, however, it all boils down to just how important preserving the roleplay element of these realms are to you.

Complaining until the problem goes away never works.

Put some heads on pikes and mark your borders with them.

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I have a toon here and I don’t care to RP. Suck it.

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“We’ve been given an RP-PvP server if we can keep it.” - Helladyn Franklin

Oops. Did a google search for the definition of insanity and it led me here.

What a buzzkill. Was hoping Grobb would be different.


For those looking for rp. Here is Grobb’s rp discord and the Travelers rest discord hosted by the Cult of Kthaal. I really suggest the travelers rest for any new rper or someone thinking about trying rping as it has daily questions that gets you thinking about your character.

Grobb Rp discord: discord. gg/RjpbT7mu

Travelers Rest: discord. gg/kUvqyz2y


Instead of instantly chastising people who come to Grobbulus that may not come for the RP, why not try and invite to give it a shot first? Tell them about events and tell them to attend and see what the community offers? RPers can be very gated just like PvPers when it comes to their gameplay. Should be inviting more people to participate, not discouraging them and telling them to go away honestly.


Played on Grobb briefly didn’t see much RP. Was nice seeing some EDers. Doesn’t help that Grobb is slowly turning into ED 2.0. May come back who knows!!

If there is rp, can you please give an updated discord link? Please and thanks. I am considering rolling here. Was on ED a long time ago and leveled a rogue to 120. I miss the rp and the element of danger as well as making new friends.

Have some characters ready to join guilds. No I cannot transfer my 70 off of Bloodsails, no money. Thanks to all who make rp good.

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