Dont Nerf Sapphiron

Well you cannot be sure of your first claim, so I won’t argue you there. And yes I agree with your second claim. But my point is, it differs from intent. Which if they want to do that, fine so be it. I’m merely voicing my opinion that it wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for.

Thanks for the update, did you guys look into taking the ticking aura while in sapphiron’s ice block?


Loved reading the deep dive. Love to read more of them!

People acting like it’s going to tick once every second, nah fam, its going to tick once every second for one person in the raid, every 2 seconds (on average), and once every 2 seconds for everyone else. Gives healers something to do other than mindlessly chainheal. The buffs on the ptr was just a shorthand version of full wbuffs.

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How it’s “supposed” to be, is how it was in vanilla, which is what they are replicating.


We sure did! That is definitely a bug and we will have it fixed by the time this content is released :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for the replies. Good to know what to prepare for!

Posting this in a “Don’t Nerf Sapphiron” thread is next level trolling.

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Just curious, I see you guys replicated the tick every 2 sec but did you add a 1% chance to make the dot tick an extra time, like when it resisted in vanilla, giving those extra ticks on individuals now and then?

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For those who don’t understand:

-The original 2006 intent was for it to tick every second.
-Coding, however, made it so it mostly ticked every 2 seconds, with a rare “1 sec tick”
-WoW Classic will replicate the behavior of 2006 Naxx (damage every 2 seconds) rather than the designer’s intent (damage every second)

This is good as it’s mostly what happened during Vanilla. Kudos and thanks for the insight.


but why? It would’ve been actually a challenge, unlike every other piece of content you guys have churned out in their nerfed states.

That’s an excellent summary, thank you! :slight_smile:


Because challenge is good, but borderline unkillable bosses who do not follow their original documented behaviour are not.

borderline unkillable?

So far, most if not all of the resistance based fights have not actually required resistance gear for the raid. This would’ve actually required it.

Did you do or watch any of the PTR fights? The damage was extreme, to the point where WITH a buff to resistance, healing, and health healers were still needing to chain-chug flasks to keep up with the damage and it was a several minute long fight even with a damage bonus. With the whole raid in resist gear? That’s not sustainable.


It would be sustainable after farming out full epic FrR sets for the raid, which would significantly reduce the HPS required as well as the fight length. It just would not have been killable for most guilds on week 1, boo hoo.

Yes, I watched my guildmates complete the fight in a handful of attempts. Frankly, I think the fight is going to be a joke. We have raid teams in our guild that don’t even use nature resistance gear anymore in aq40 for princess huhuran and viscidus.

This is literally not true. We only found out about it in Classic because we dug up a 2011 Reddit post from an OG Vanilla player who talked about his guild using it to cheese threat mechanics in AQ40 back in the day.

Like I said, I’d love mythic Naxxramas but at that point you should retune the whole instance not just Sapphiron.


I’d love for them to retune the whole instance, but one boss is better than nothing.