Don't like this game? Quit

Stop being sentimental (to yourself) and quit.

At this point hoping BLZ for improving and being disappointed? It’s all your own fault of being this naive: Even pets learn.

If you enjoy the game despite the current condition? Good.
If not, why play, hope for better and be disappointed?

They don’t give a damn about you, nor do the apologists knowing nothing but defending whatever crap being fed into their mouths telling you to work hard in a mismanaged game.

Widen your horizon, leave your comfort gaming zone (if any) and you will see a bunch of games with good quality waiting your support, instead of time-gating and stalling crap that multiplied your sunk time with the good old shell of “WoW” that is nothing more than its glorious former self.

Do yourself a favor: leave this game.


Lol okay‎‎


I plan to stay until my Ember Court is maxed out. Hopefully I’ll get the glad mount before season is over too. Maybe try patch 9.1. If the raid is good I will stay. Otherwise I will unsub till the following meaningful patch.

I don’t like the loot rewards. I miss titanforge. I hate boosters and the cr nerf. I also hate being tied to a covenant. I wanted the kyrian xmogs but ember court is venthyr.

SL is a mess. Hopefully it gets cleaned up.

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:confounded: :confounded: :confounded: :woozy_face: :cold_face: you’re preaching to the quire. 70% of players have already taken your advice! Only players left are the boosters, twitch streamers, sweaty 1600 mmr gatekeepers and the extra sweaty tryhards. :persevere: :woozy_face: :weary: :weary: :weary: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:


Don’t like your internet provider?

Quit and find a new one even tho they were the only one covering your region!

The only reason people stay is because there aren’t any alternatives to the WoW arena PvP combat system.


Do yourself a favor and keep your opinions to yourself. Your commentary is boring. Seems like your post is nothing more then some bizarre coping mechanism but some of us don’t give a damn and will keep giving feedback whether its taken or not.

Maybe you are the one who should unsub already if you feel all hope is lost due to the corporate greed and mismanagement. Its not better any where else regarding the gaming landscape as whole.


This is gold.


“preaching to the quire”


You care enough to tell people to shut up and share your support on this game though :smile: :smile:
I am helping you on this one. More unhappy players leave means less complain on this game that would somehow enrage you

we need to turn the arena forums into off topic discussion. they don’t care about the game so turn this forum into even more of a joke. unleash the anime/music rec threads, rp discussion, lore discussion, sports

Dude I play at pretty scuffed hours for NA, but I highly doubt im the only 3rd shift/morning time player in all of North America/OCE but yesterday morning I wanted to Q 3s, anything on any of my chars any Cr. There wasn’t a single group of 3s in LFG (I’m 220 ilvl so seems unlikely that an ilvl minimum was gating my groups)

I made my own, gave it 10 or so minutes with no sign up (doesn’t really matter if a dps does sign up anyway, finding the healer is the impossible part)

But yeah I made the decision to stop logging in in the morning, leaves me Saturday night as the only time I will attempt to find Qs now, and that’s still a relatively barren wasteland.

I worked 3rd in BFA s4 too and even at the tail end of the season, I could find at least one or two groups for Q.


I don’t

I want the enchant from this season, because I think it’s really aesthetically cool, but I absolutely refuse to queue even a second of arenas since my first dip into it - and so I’ve been told, it’s only gotten worse.

I was queueing some 3s on my Feral to get Duelist this season, purely for the sake of getting the enchant. Rogue saps my healer, but gets pulled out of stealth, so he steps to me. I automatically bear/skin/wall on reflex, dude kills me instantly before my healer can react. You’d think bear/skin/wall would save you, since it’s 70% DR just from CDs alone, not including bear, but you’d be wrong.

You can macro the 1 shot rotation of literally any fotm class (Ret, Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Boomkin) into a single button and spam it, effectively removing someone from the server.

Everyone already has.


Totally Agree :100:

The fact this game is more dead than S4 BFA towards the end is all you need to know about this games fate.

Praying Kaplan is going to work for Riot on their new MMO.


What incentive is there really to do arena? Been like this for a while. The mounts and titles just aren’t as prestigious . People don’t care about that stuff. If anything people get annoyed because you outgear them or assume you’re doing a carry

Same thing with PvE though where we have thousands of mounts at this point, and just getting one more isn’t much of an incentive. Also the PvP sets this season look bad

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Personally I don’t find this target-and-click combat system meaningful after I try some other games, but if this game is attractive for you, all good!
And you are not my “target audience”.

what time we talkin

hard to after playing a game like black desert. It’s a shame black desert’s got an even more garbage gearing system / power gap problem, or i’d be playing that.

Oh believe me there are looooooots of people quitting this trash can of a game

I stick around for the memes and to roast the company on a daily basis

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Corruption would have fixed this.