Don't Forget: 8v8 Community Event Today

Starting at 3 PM Pacific and 6 PM Eastern, there will be a dedicated public test of the new 8v8 Solo Queue.

I been holdin’ back on you fellas cause I didn’t want to keep all the Gladiator titles to myself but the gloves comin’ off now :triumph:

You can buy free Verdant Conquest gear from the Goblin vendor in Org and create crafted gear with slightly less Ilvl if you want to chase priority stats. So no excuses when you’re kissin’ dirt :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But there’s a problem with Rogues on PTR where playing one gets your primary account banned, so remember: don’t bring Rogues :melting_face:

GLHF :saluting_face:


Thank you!

This might not be ideal, but can someone test or find out what happens when a player deserts?

Does the game immediately end?

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I tried it and I got 15 years in a Mexican prison :pensive:


Get on PTR and come duel me, you cowards.

WM On outside Org

Btw, the brawl is poppin atm

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How was it?

Ya boi is R1 BGBer my dude


Was it fun?

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Yeah, I got some complaints about EOTS’ UI and the strength of 4 second CC on King of the Hill maps, but ultimately it’s gonna do what you want the game mode to do.

150% mount speed is dope btw


Trying to get 16 to stay through a whole BG isn’t gonna be ez lol gonna be quite the show. Healers will not be having a good time. Dps just zug zug until someone dies. No CC no peels just button mashing.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :unamused:
ok Doooooooomer

If somebody leaves then they leave, get leaver penalties and the game goes on.

biggest issue with it imo is forced mercenary mode

Game goes on tilting anyone on the leavers team, even more so if the leaver is a healer. Had someone leave halfway through one during testing. Feels good.