Done a raid for over a year and still no loot?

Hello all,

I have been chasing a helm on my hunter for a while now and I am staring to think it will never drop.

The item I am chasing is Hood of Dark Dreams, which is a mail helm, dropped by the final boss in Heart of Fear- Pandaria. I have faithfully run this raid by myself every week for over a year in hopes of getting the helm drop and it has still yet to drop for me. As far as I can see, I’m doing all the settings right (normal, 10 man/25man, marksman’s loot spec) and it just never drops. Does anyone have any suggestions or information regarding my case.

Thanks in advance.

Just rng. Also if you’re doing it on that toon. I doubt you’ve done it over a year. From your profile only shows you killed sha only 9 times