Does your character have a pet?

Im kinda curious how many people took an extra step to write in a small companion backstory. How did your character and his goodest boy meet? What kind of creature did your character form a bond with?


Found me this poor raptor trying to protect a dying zandalari in the Vol’dun wastes. Told me to take care of her, we’ve been looking out for each other ever since! Ral’ja is a good girl :stuck_out_tongue:


Astrea owns an albino snake, Selwyn; named after the last Archmage of Mennar Academy.

Selwyn acts as a vessel for Eldrissis, an arcane entity that acts as Astrea’s familiar. This primarily entails providing her with auxiliary power, helping in the discovery of leylines and acting as a catalyst for scrying; all in exchange for opportunities to siphon power, not unlike Aluneth. The circumstances of this relationship result in a literal bond between Astrea, Eldrissis and, to some extent, the land insofar as the leylines within. It’s more or less a kind of symbiosis, or at least something comparable.

The relationship between Selwyn and Eldrissis is perhaps comparable to that of a Banshee and the individual they’ve possessed. The snake relinquishes control to the spirit and her consciousness melds with Eldrissis for the duration that it inhabits her.

Eldrissis can be manually summoned from Selwyn’s body and given its own form. This act is supremely draining for Astrea, and so only used as a last ditch thing. Edrissis is at its most powerful in this form.

As a final note, Eldrissis is capable of speech, again not unlike Aluneth, but only speaks in the language of incantations and arcane runes; I believe a suitable name would be Spellspeech, like an arcane dialect of Kalimag.

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(I’m big on giving my characters ‘character-specific’ mounts and pets and animal companions in general. Pretty much every single one of my characters has one but I’ll go ahead and talk about Bren here since his companion is integral to his story.)

Bren has his four-foot long lavender snow python, Pie (represented in-game by the Albino Snake pet. I’m still really hoping for an albino snake in the newer python model at some point!). She’s the daughter of his grandmother’s python, Tamah, and was given to him as a gift when he was young because his grandmother thought he could use some companionship during his training. His grandmother, Tanithiss, is a priestess of Hethiss, and due to the blessings she puts on her python’s eggs for protection, the hatchlings tend to be a bit more intelligent than the average snake, and they become even more intelligent over time as they bond with their troll companions. Bren was still just a kid when he received his hatchling, so he very creatively named her ‘Pie’ because she’s a python. She was one of the main reasons he pursued a pact with Hethiss, and prompted his obsession with snakes. They’re inseparable. Everywhere Bren goes, Pie goes also, usually resting loosely coiled around Bren’s neck.

Pie is very docile when Bren isn’t fighting, and enjoys being handled and meeting new people. However, she’s attuned to his moods, and can tell when he’s tense or angry. She’s non-venomous, of course, but is capable of empowering herself with shadow magic and will strike at an enemy if it gets within range of Bren.

Pie’s mate is Haji, a rather ill-tempered python Bren caught and tamed while he was working in Pandaria. They’ve had two clutches together currently. Once the hatchlings are old enough to safely travel without stressing them too much, Bren takes them to the shrine of Hethiss in Stranglethorn Vale and presents them for his blessing, praying over them in the hopes that they will have long, healthy lives.

Brahms the bat.

He’s actually a necromancer scourging Duskwood that was attempting to become a Lich. Benedikt pretended to aid the guy. He had to get a bunch of weird ish from victims to make the phylactery. Tears from an old man, blood from a newly wed couple, eyes from a pregnant woman, etc.

Benedickt helped him get the blood. But got him to get drunk at the wedding and he spilled the beans that his back up plan, should the villagers attack him before the ritual was complete, he had a spell that would cause him to explode into spiders, centipedes and bats. And if so much as one got away, he could reform.

So Benedikt attacked him, took the blood back and broke the curse he’d placed on the couple with it. Then informed the villagers of how to defeat the necromancer.

So they got their torches and pitchfolks and went at it. A single bat got away. Which Benedikt caught and has kept the necromancer as a bat as punishment.

He occasionally gets his human form privileges back to do stuff in Stormwind and the like for Benedikt. But is gone a little native and tends to eat bugs and grab rats and start drinking their blood. So basically Benedikt’s own Renfield.

Whole things a Dracula refernce lol

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For mine? Pepe…

Snaps her fingers which summons legions of undead answering to her call

“I have an army of pets”