Does the reply button not work half the time

When replying to a specific users posts, it will even say in my text reply box that i am replying to someone, but then when it posts, it replies to no one.

This has been going on forever. Is it just on my end or does nobody else see the notifications if it bugs out this way?

If your post immediately follows the post you’re replying to, it won’t show as replying even though it’s registered as a reply under the hood (triggering appropriate notifications, etc).

It’s a maddening design. In active threads, it can be difficult to figure out who’s replying to who. The “workaround” I’ve resorted to is quoting the person I’m replying to, but removing one character (such as a period) or only quoting part of their post so the forums don’t auto-edit the quote out.


For example:

I just now replied to Chroesire since he was the last post

But if I replied to your OP post first Salherzra, then it will show that I replied to you directly

Does Chroesire get a notification though? Did you get a notification?

I did.

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Now I reply to your post directly, he won’t get a notification, but he can still go back to the thread and find out the latest post in this thread though

Now it shows who I am replying to, it would make more sense if each reply referred to who though but it’s not like that

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