Does the lust CD reset on wipe for survival hunter in M+?

I’ve experienced lusting in keys as a BM hunter, where if we miss the timer, and wipe in a fight, I can’t use lust again on the next pull because the ability is on cooldown . A guildmate of mine plays survival and says that their lust is available again for use after every wipe in this scenario. Is this a thing? Or a bug?

When the timer expires, sand elementals appear throughout the dungeon.

They offer repair services, and they also have an option to “patch me up”. This resets the list debuff. Is this what you’re looking for?

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Yes, it resets the exhaustion debuff, but for some reason, the 6min CD of the lust ability doesn’t reset, so someone else has to lust, your group waits for the spell to be off CD, or you pull without it.

I think there have been a few times where I’ve reset my exhaustion debuff and the ability was off CD, but I don’t think it happens all the time. I haven’t been doing as many keys as I should be, so I haven’t tested it recently.

Patching up removes the exhaustion debuff, yes, but they have the ability to use their pet lust again, when the fights aren’t lasting 6+ minutes. So the lust ability itself doesn’t seem to be going on cooldown, or it’s somehow resetting with the wipe.