Does nobody want classes to be better?

Thank you for understanding ppl play and want to play other classes and specs


Yes, many people do. But you have to understand the audience that’s going to come and talk about SOM: “the no changers”. The no changers believe every version of classic is being made specifically for them and insist the less blizzard changes, the better the game will be. The no changers are wrong of course. Most of the no changers never even play the game outside of their niche view of how it should be played and refuse to acknowledge that other ways are possible.

That being said. SOM is going to be an abysmal failure and will fail to have active servers or good guilds.


But… everything has been failing since bots over took vanilla classic. The vanilla classic had a large amount of players play. tbc is a huge fail. The way it was released. was made to kill classic. just a quick buck release. Retail seems to be going nowhere. If it wasn’t for the No changers / boomers (as most say) classic would probably not even have started.
I am a no change player and see this being a fun experiment to see what all blizzard can do to improve the classic game, and also do to destroy it.

in a hypothetical fantasy world, sure, we could use some class balancing. but we don’t live in a utopia. we have to deal with what we got. and what we have is actiblizzard, a company that cannot be trusted with the delicate task of “fixing” vanilla classes. just stop. you’re asking a toddler to fix your car engine. it’s not gonna work out. just be happy that we still have access to this wonderful game, warts and all.

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I would not. I quit TBC recently because I’m sick of it, thanks.

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I’d be surprised if many people would. It’d kind of be the opposite direction of the intended design decisions:

TBC talents would likely make the content less challenging. Besides, it would also suck for people who don’t like and have never liked TBC (or expansions). Which, seems to be a lot, considering the apparent decline in overall population from WoW Classic to TBC Classic.

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No. Go play TBC.


I want all the changes. I want to experiment, I want to learn etc. I love an original no changes version, and will look forward to it in the future, but I would love to see some big changes that will make the game interesting and different and class changes is among the best things they can do to add to classic


I bet we will see some class changes for the next season, or possibly p2 in SoM. And blizzard has said they would probably do more changes. We might see Buffs and Nerfs for all the classes.


If the meta wasn’t so harsh against the less balance specs I’d say I am indifferent, but the sad truth is the meta has removed the play what you want to play mentality and replaced it with the “Must be the most efficient every second” mentality to the point it is a matter of seconds difference.

My biggest gripe is really one simple fact. This is a GAME people, it is not our job, we are not paid to do this we are not making money for our efficiency, I am paying 15$ a month to have FUN, shocking I know!

Yes, I am aware my class spec is most likely not going to get into raids or if i do i won’t have priority on loot, but guess what? I don’t care let me play how I want in the game I am paying for, and I will let you do the same.


totally agree. I want class balance, tight spread on DPS range, and all spec’s raid viable, but the staff blizzard has available wouldn’t know how to accomplish that. They’d over-tune and break something off for sure.

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Why on earth would you want that?
TBC is when they “fixed rage” and made encounters that favor range.
Class balance in TBC is better but far from ideal. It flipped the script from vanilla to TBC making hunters and locks ridiculous and warriors and rogues next to useless.
It wasn’t until WOTLK that they threw out hybrid tax and improved some of the other crap specs. But still not all specs were viable even then.
Has there ever been a time in wow’s history all specs were viable? Or does it change per expansion?

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I don’t want it because current Blizzard would screw it up. It would also further open the floodgates of bad suggestions and crying from a severely stupid and disingenuous playerbase.

Let’s be real. These forums are full of nothing but bad ideas, mental midgets, and dishonest arguments lol


The only way I will ever play a Vanilla version of WoW again is if it is properly “remastered” to include refined/fixed talent trees, gear-itemization fixes/refinement, ability fixes/refinement (such as HoTs of same type properly stacking on friendly targets), etc.

Not interested in reliving the broken Vanilla WoW game experience again, where (as one example of MANY) 95% of the Paladins are Holy spec (the most basic/linear healing spec in WoW, but at least viable compared to Ret or Protect) & all running around in Priest cloth (& some druid leather) robes/armor at 60 because plate gear itemization is so awful. No thanks. TBC isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better in most core respects - as was WotLK.


right and do we have enough data to identify the fix?

Ret paladin, what’s wrong: damage or mana?

What’s the acceptable spread on damage since they have powerful buffs?

Once we remove wBuffs and fights are longer, do they have damage issues or mana issues, or both? If you fix MP regen will that fix damage? Or more damage will fix MP? Will it break PVP?

Most don’t understand the subtleties, and nuances since PVP and PVE are incredibly dynamic.

You are asking questions to the devs that already know the answers.
Pretty much every single meme spec in TBC was given a mana buff passive or a talent reducing mana cost.

In Classic, warlocks can tap and mages have gems, mage armor and evocation. Any other caster goes oom and is a meme spec. This isn’t very complex to understand.


I mean… sure it’d be great if we could balance the classes. But I think most people realize it’s probably too difficult to seriously attempt. It’s subjective, finicky, and would take far too many resources to design, test, re-test and implement. Plus, even if Blizzard did spend a ton of effort on this, we might just end up with something worse.

Basically - it’s effort vs reward. It’s more economical to go after the low hanging fruit. WB, Mage Boosting and Raid Difficulty are much easier to fix.

Plus, part of the charm of classic is accepting that classes don’t really have to be equal. We all have roles… we all excel at different things. Frost mages and locks are gonna wreck warriors and rogues. Warriors and rogues are gonna destroy holy priests. Holy priests have their own benefits in dungeons and raids. I’m fine with that.

We can’t all win all the time. Does it really have to be equal?

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I mean, they have been balancing and redesigning Classes and abilities for years and years. All the discussions we have around balancing have probably be had countless times.

Some people want Classic plus, some people want Classic but. There doesn’t seem to be any consensus around what sort of changes everybody wants.

With regards to balancing, we could remove classes, and have more of a classless system. We could select any talent from any tree, and have multiple saved specs, with the ability to respec for free.

That might be interesting, but that too has been discussed and even tried.

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You’re sick of it because the classes were better balanced? Ok.

So what will do you since SoM isn’t vanilla? Go stick to your dead Classic.

I want to not have mana issues as RDruid and other specs not so unviable that they aren’t played.

I mean, you guys complain about every single thing anyways.
SoM is not the game you knew 20 years ago so whatever lmao.


No - I will try this because it is closer to vanilla. Not interested in vanilla with TBC talents. If I were, I would be playing TBC.

I played vanilla and a bit of classic. The difference is the modern gamers broke classic. It looks like Blizzard saw this and is going for the low hanging fruit to make degenerate game play we didn’t really see in vanilla (dungeon leveling, bots and mage boosts ect.) less desirable and make the end game a bit closer to the original. Reshuffling /buffing talents won’t address the core problems with modern classic.