Does no one actually do professions anymore?

Ive been trying to craft my leg bracers for like 3 days now and my server (and joined i suppose) seems to have zero tailors did the population of people who do professions just drop off a cliff or what?

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people are bored. they need new stuff for the new world. but they will be making the 34 slot bag in the new patch 10.0 for dragonflight. they learn new stuff they like getting rid of old ones.

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mages too need a new portal spell too for that new world also. i seen this happen.


Throughout BfA and Shadowlands most of my attempts to try and post anything I crafted have been a big waste of time. I’d post something, the auction house goblins quickly reposted to block my auction, regardless of how big a loss in gold it might have been, then the prices shot back up once I gave up.

I’d rather hit my hand with a hammer than day after day try to fight over some sales on the auction house.


I stopped using professions when Blizzard removed the profession buffs (E.G.: mining - increased stamina. Skinning - increased critical strike. Herbalism - healing spell. Etc.)

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When I wanted to sell some special engineering mounts like the Geosynchronous Worldspinner (a rocket flying mount from MoP) or a Mekgineer’s Chopper, I’d find that the price on the AH dropped below the price of the materials, too! And I’d be forced to eat the loss, on top of that!

Here’s hoping Work Orders in DF fix that kind of issue!

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I just gave up with crafting professions in WoD and went double gather. Dump all the mats on the AH and call it good. Though I do have an Alchemist I use to make my own flasks.

Crafting hasn’t been worth the time investment for a long time.

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Yes…but only for craftable transmog collecting.

I HAVE used it to make some gear for new to Shadowlands toons since heirloom items end up going away. Or I havent upgraded them and didnt look to see that they can be used through Shadowlands? Either way its cheaper to just make the craftables that they grow in to and vendor them if they arent useful. Heirlooms arent worth much now beyond convenience imo.

If Inscription had the glyph system again I would certainly use that a lot but a lot of the professions need some TLC imo.

Did you know less that 0.05% of the WoW player base can make Rank 7. (291) legendaries. Some armor slots it’s even lower, finding someone who can craft a slot especially on a low population server. Low pop servers maybe you got 10-20 people who can craft them.

If you throw a rock, you had a better chance of hitting a TOP tier RWF calibre player than a rank 7 crafter.

I think Area52 as large as it is has like 50 people controlling the crafting market. On a server like mine it’s 20 or so people doing all the crafting.

I’ve made about 1.1 M gold selling just 2 legendary patterns in SL. I don’t even try that hard.

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The bloody cost for leveling up the legendary bases broke my will to craft.


Actually: no.

none in the ah?

I sold over 10 leggendaries this weekend, crafting is still worth it.:birthday:

Also sold a bunch of 32 slot bags, but that’s hardly worth my time compared to hustling legendaries. I would have to sell 300 bags to get the same amount of profit as selling a single cloth legendary.

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You will likely find plenty who will make them after today’s patch. They just got way cheaper to level. Still expensive on a per item basis but should have more folks available to do the crafting

Professions are just useless. One of many many many things to die in Shadowlands. There’s a ton of ways they went about making them useless, but the main points is there’s nothing to craft. 2-3 relevant items, less so for some of the professions. those 2-3 items can’t be sold for much, and everytime you do try and sell, you’ll be undercut by 1000+ items, no matter the loss taken, unless you literally sell it for like 2-3 gold a piece. leveling them takes about 9 minutes and 3-4k gold, so everyone has everything, it’s oversaturated so nobody bothers. plus, there’s no “side” benefits anymore, such as stat bonuses, skills, or unique perks such as alchemists flask or elixer mastery. There’s just no secret to why. Everything is so simplified in this game now that there isn’t any point to any of it.

i don’t even use the fishing rod anymore from inventory. that is why the takeaway. i found a trick to make room for that. i do even better not to waste that space out.