Does chromie time dungeon finder not work if you choose shadowlands?

omg hopefully the title makes sense i have no clue how to word my question.

Usually on an alt that im leveling, if dungeon finder takes too long (around 8-10min+) it will give me the option to queue for other expansions dungeons. However I decided to do shadowlands on my death knight and the queues are 30+ minutes long as dps and it never pops up with the option to queue for other dungeons.

(yes I know i can tank and reduce the queue time. that is not my question.)

It’s likely a few things.

First is that because shadowlands left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth, not very many choose to go back there to level when they have a choice. And those that do are mostly doing it for a reason (specific transmogs or mounts, or a newer player experiencing it for the first time) that would be specific to playing the expansion content opposed to using the dungeon finder.

Second is that during shadowlands, people had a loooot of time to level characters. Going back to level in the same zones so soon after it was current content just isn’t going to appeal to very many.

Third is just that shadowlands is too recent. Since we were still just playing the content last year, people dont miss it yet. So they’re just choosing other options in chromie time.

Oh, no I understand why shadowlands queues specifically would be long.

What I mean is, for example, if I were to choose Cataclysm timeline and the dungeon queue took too long, a dialogue box would pop up that allows me to queue for other expansion’s dungeons. So now instead of only being queue’d for cata dungeons, I am now eligible for mop, bfa, wrath, etc dungeons.

So I’m trying to figure out why the box doesn’t pop up for my DK. I hope that makes more sense. ^^; i might just go back to org and pick a different timeline if its just busted or something.

Oh, i see. I’m not sure on that one, sorry!

Sounds like its just busted. My friend and I wanted to do some dungeons for alt leveling and chose shadowands as well but we ran into a similar problem. Maybe its just still trying to hurt us.