Does Blizzard usually let this stuff slide?

This is disgusting. How is this man still allowed to do this?


Assuming you’re not talking to this person this is…really bizarre that Blizz isn’t doing anything.

I’m just now seeing you’re on MG and that explains it lol. That server is rife with creepy people.

It’s sad that a 40 year old man has to harass online. About the situation, I don’t know what to do, maybe try writing a ticket or something at least.

Also you could call the police and make a stalker report. Idk if it would work but they can probably try to find out where he’s at and such.

I don’t understand what this means.

I know one 16 year old he harassed to go to the police but I think she got nervous after contacting authorities. I helped send the cop we were talking to evidence but have yet to hear of if that cop took action. He might have helped her and I just don’t know.


As for in game: Open a ticket for ongoing harassment, not for “just” harassment. It is dealt with differently. Specifically when you ignore someone and they make new characters to continue harassing you.

As for outside the game: Get the police involved.

Also: Don’t reply. If you reply or snap back Blizzard will NOT always be able to view it as harassment. If you don’t react, they will. It’s also in the thread I linked I believe:

“Remember that you should try to avoid contacting and/or replying to the offending player(s); simply keep reporting the harassment and allow us to investigate the matter for you.”


This server is terrible . I regret joining it, with I could transfer every character out.

  1. Your guild name says Lies and Slander. I dont know if I should believe this big paragraph that I don’t want to read again.
  2. Blizzard is not gonna do anything. Send it to cyber security or something if it’s extremely concerned matter of exploits on person’s life that can be threatening.
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1- This character is an alt
2- Being someone who had literally done nothing along those lines, since you have this advise to you have any recommendations on a particular company

There is no way he got your address from wow unless you put it out there.

Block him

Open a ticket and report it

This isn’t a GD issue


If this is all really happening, go to the police. More than Blizzard needs to be involved.

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I still haven’t put my address out there. I still can’t explain how he got it but why on earth would I wake up one morning and put my families address and just give it to the guy harassing me?

Some rando on the wow forums wouldn’t have access to your personal information.

Unless you somehow directed him to some other place that publishes your personal info


My only guess is he could have spent a while after getting my name searching for me on a platform like Facebook or Instagram. I don’t tell random people where I live Vicktoria.
Even putting that aside it doesn’t excuse in my opinion the harassment of multiple underage females?

Then report it in the proper manner

This isn’t the place to do that

If you are so worried about it and have all this evidence
Go do something about it.

Because stirring up the masses in GD isn’t accomplishing anything


Do you by any chance use your in-game character name outside the game? I made that mistake a long time ago once and sorta got doxxed.

Sorry to say, posting on GD isn’t gonna amount to a hill of beans. You need to file ongoing harassments tickets. If he’s posting real life info, submit a ticket for real life threats.

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I dont believe the OP. Blizzard takes this stuff serious and for the OP to know the dude is 40 means OP had interacted with this person on a really close personal level. OP prolly knows his name and other info too. Im gonna say this is just a one sided thing and we arent hearing the real story as usual

But yeah as I said Blizzard takes this serious because if they dont and someone is hurt they could be sued and blizzard doesnt like lawsuits as we all know.


Things that didn’t happen

Blizzard has a specific option for this when someone in-game is providing your personal information (like you previous address) in chat.

You’ll want to put in a ticket using the optionlinked below. I would include and dates and times where this information has been linked in-game.

Also, make zero contact with this person. Do not reply to them in any way, just put them on ignore and open a ticket for every instance this person bypasses ignore.

So here are two ticket options:

  1. For divulging personal information, you’ll want to use the Real Life Threat option:

  2. For bypassing ignore, each time they do that (again, make no contact, no reply to them) put in a ticket for Ongoing Harassment:

Lastly, if you feel you’re in any immediate danger, please contact your local police. If you have other questions, feel free to start a post in the CS forums too.


It’ll at least give me the advise on where I need to go for these type of matters, as I don’t come into contact with them ever.