Does anyone work on classic?

OK, I’m interested in these interviews. Provide links.

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They’ve already developed changes to classic, even after release.

If Classic is a museum, it’s not one that reflects Vanilla. Classic is a bizarro version, the darkest timeline.

I would appreciate Blizzard communicating with us on their stance on increased server caps and their effect on the Black Lotus market, how players are able to transfer and ruin that realm’s economy.

I would also appreciate their thoughts on the BG implementation and whether or not they feel that this was the best they could have done and where their current heads are at.

I’ve had my say, I’m not interested in explaining to you any more. I wish to communicate with Blizzard not their personal defence force who work for free.

We’re going to need citations.

Layers? AV hotfix just last week? You don’t need citations.

We do need citations for the claim you’ve made.

Layers no longer exist and were a technical compromise to a massively changed player base/internet. I didn’t like it either, but it was one solution of several. The salient point is they’ve gone now, and were never staying. I’m pretty happy with that compromise.

AV hotfix? Which one? Also, and while I know lots of people do care about PvP, I could care less. That’s not “the game” for me in any way.

In any case that’s two “changes”. You guys keep claiming this wide sweeping undermining of the original experience and data, but can never back it up when challenged. It’s all fake news motivated by petulance and angst.

Lol this poor guy getting blasted over something that isn’t even his fault. Good burn though. Hate to see it wasted.

I’m not here to argue with you. The AV hotfix was posted last week by a blue.

In any case, it’s proof that Blizzard is in fact working on the game and implementing some changes.

I made no comment on my opinion on layers or whether or not large changes are ideal for classic. You and the other poster imply that there haven’t been changes and to not expect any. That’s not true.

You mean you’re not here to back up broad claims you make to push a narrative with anything approaching real evidence. Gotcha. You’re going to have to get in a long line for that particular approach though.

And yes, of course they’re “working” on the game. There are 6 phases. We’re in the third, and there are unintentional bugs.

I’m here to leave dissatisfaction on the lack of communication by Blizzard since release. I don’t feel the need to explain myself to the Blizzard Defence Force.

It’s not up to you how I choose to interact with Blizzard. We’ve had a small handful of Blizzard posts, it shouldn’t be hard for you to track one made just last week.

The poster I replied to stated that Blizzard aren’t developing anything when they implemented a hotfix to AV only a week prior. I’m not sure what narrative you think that I’m trying to push.

Blizzard once said that they wouldn’t be recreating vanilla servers. They eventually caved when it was clear to them that they were restricting themselves from customers.

If enough players become dissatisfied with Classic, they may end up returning to private servers. There may even be more players that choose that route than had in the past.

You and other posters take Blizzard’s stance as final. The only stance Blizzard will always stick to is acquiring bank.

Yeah, nice spin and goal post moving. My only beef has been with you making claims that you are then challenged on, and can’t back up - as is usual on these forums. In response - of course - you side step and double down. It’s the modus operandi of our time, but it’s still utter cowpat.

On the other point, Classic is as Vanilla was within the contraints of fundamentally changed technology. If you want something else, this is not the game for you. There’s no debate on that, that’s just how it is. Now, you may get something that’s more to your taste (and I hope you do), but it won’t be Classic.

Here dude if it means so much to you.

We’ve had changes. I wouldn’t have thought that you needed evidence of this but here you go.

I’ve only skimmed your post, you’re rambling and I’m not interested.

The Live Developer Q&A videos from the World of Warcraft channel on YouTube. Ion stated more than once that they would be watching the community closely during Classic and respond to what the community wants. You can watch them all if you like I’m not digging through them for you I already did my research.

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Absolutely back at you. Have a good one.

That type of attitude is why they stopped talking to players. Immediately trying to smear someone who disagrees with you is lame. As far as defending Blizzard there are dozens of changes made over the years I hated and some caused me to quit, the most recent time was almost two years.

If you’re going to post in a public forum be ready for people to disagree with you. Also, I really was interested in the interviews you saw although I should have said “please provide links”. If I’m wrong I’m wrong, I’d like to have proof that I am. Anyways someone already gave more information so I’m going to check it out.

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No that’s enough for me to find, I appreciate it.

I’m not trying to smear you or disagree with you. I don’t wish to have this discussion with you at all.

Stop trying to speak for Blizzard, it does us all a disservice.

Imagine trying to leave any company customer feedback and having countless other customers telling you that you’re wrong and that the company will never change.

Then stop responding to me. Feedback goes both ways. And stop saying other people are defending Blizzard when they disagree with you or refute your claims, it does us all a disservice.

There’s refuting claims and then there’s telling me that Blizzard will never implement changes despite us getting one just last week. Asking me to back up my claims every step of the way when this is all public knowledge.

Can’t help responding as much I don’t want to.

Highlight quote: “I thought this was classic, not vanilla!”

Therm checks out