Does anyone like the current profession system in DF?

I personally don’t like it even now when mats are cheaper, like you’re constantly have to grind for skill points to level the tree, and they come few and far between , and you can never have enough, I guess it’s another way to keep the player playing more, but man I liked the older system way better


Yes, because forr the first time since vanilla profs and crafted gear mean something and can max out your ilvl. The only people that don’t seem to be the ones that just want to max it out in two hours with gold.


Nobody wan’ts to go thru all of that


I like it a lot, I’ve made more gold than I’ve ever made by far and I don’t have to deal with AH bots


I’ve enjoyed it so far. At the beginning it had a lot of depth for me as I had to research my server’s needs and pick a spec that mattered for that early on. Later on it eased up and I put more points to explore the system more.

I don’t think it is perfect, but for a first iteration on the system, I like where it is going.


I’ve enjoyed the new system and am looking forward to how Blizzard changes it in future expansions. I’d prefer less KP per profession, no weekly grind, more synergies between the spec trees, and something that requires actual restrictive specialization (with a benefit for it). But for a first go, pretty decent.

I like the system. I think the implementation had/has a lot of problems.

Using the system to get gear hasn’t been too bad, but I have only had crafters make a few things for me.

I mostly run double gather. I do have an Engineer. Also a Tailor/Enchanter.

Early on I pretty much gave up on trying to figure out the optimal path through the trees. Now I just work through the wheels one at a time. Usually from left to right. DMF, and the weeklies give some KP. There are the one point Treatises (sp?) you can get. (Found out about them a few months after launch.) I bought the knowledge things from the rep vendor and did the Zaralek caverns treasures on my Engineer.

I wish they had launched these with about half the points. Then next expansion they could have done professions with the point allocations they used this time.

I’d like to see it continue, but with some changes next expansion.

Too bad they didn’t do something like this starting back in MoP/WoD. Like a lot of things Blizzard has added it is several years too late. The people I knew in WoD, that left back then, would have eaten this up like candy. Oh well.

I like it a lot. The gear from crafting orders is really nice and I like how some of it is BIS and its customisable.

I like it. I don’t love it.
The work orders system
Long pathing to max a profession (months)
Crafting max ilvl gear
Ease of finding someone to craft an item for you

Unique embellished limit of 2
Running back and forth between the AH, the work order place and the crafting table
Too few recipes that are BOP and only accessible from crafting and don’t require a spark
The pointless introduction of artisan mettle

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Artisan’s mettle isn’t pointless. It’s supposed to introduce a form of scarcity for guaranteeing 447 embellished stuff, or certain t3 commodities/trade goods, since the amount you can get is (theoretically) limited per week.


Absolutely hate it. It’s why I went casual this expansion after years of hardcore. I spent 2mil gold so far for crafting gear upgrades, consumables, gems, enchants, etc. and haven’t been able to make that gold back with alchemy. I would have changed my profession by now if I didn’t have to forever lose my rare hard to obtain recipes such as vial of the sands.

My guild also decided not to let their raiders obtain raid recipes (main crafting income for most) and instead sold them on the ah for guild gold when the guild already makes enough from BoEs to afford repairs, etc…

It’s a tedious system that takes up hours of unfun game time when simple things like adding the ah ui to the crafting order ui would make it twice as convenient and enjoyable. Overall, it’s been an unpleasant frustrating experience that ruined the expansion for me. It’s unfortunate, because I like most everything else about DF.


I mostly like it and I think it needs some tweaks here and there.

I’m not a gold maker and I like that I can do stuff for my family of alts. However, I do wish the crafted items had more of a shelf life.


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I like the concept of the crafting orders system. But I would tweak it…user has to provide mats, and at this point increase the nubmer of public orders. I’d also make it easier to get more skill points per week.

I’d also love to see the order system expanded to include all expansions. Be a neat way for players to get old mogs or gear for leveling alts.

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Sounds like a skill issue, not a profession system issue

Sounds like a guild/social issue, not a profession system issue

I like it sit in town while finding a group in lfg or just doing nothing and make some bank off ppl desperate for gems

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Sorry your guild leadership sounds like trash if they “decide” to not let raiders obtain crafting patterns and the raiders sound like sheep if they’re content with that system.


This profession system looks pretty but is so convoluted that it is not really any fun, just aggravation. Every time I look at unlearned recipes and see the triple thick layers of grind to obtain or 100k+gold I just say screwit until the next time I look at it and come to the same conclusion, swcrewit.


When I was in some downtime I used to spend time collecting all the patterns and leveling all professions on my alts. This expansion has certainly cured me of that. It’s just so daunting that I wonder if any other collectors have just given up?


It’s a challenge as opposed to the brain-dead versions of the past

But necros are necros so…


I did not like having professions tied so much to Reknown.

For those of us who like to have one of each profession, having to Reknown grind multiple times over was not fun. Hopefully warband and account wide rep do work to resolve this issue.

I wish profession gear sets changed from season to season in appearance and abilities, and perhaps came with different perks and bonuses rather than just flat stats.

Hopefully regular flight is implemented alongside dynamic flight so that gather can be easier from the get go maybe pending story being completed for the zone and not just end of xpac.

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