Does anyone here raid anymore?

Just a question.


Then again, I’ve not had the time to raid in any real capacity for years.

The N’Zoth visions have been a fun challenge with friends on a smaller scale, though.

Yes, it’s not a healthy population really, but there’s a decent number of people that kill bosses on various difficulties.

Source: wowprogress [dot] com

Our guild raids twice weekly. We have Tuesday for just runs, Thursday is progression with the core group. It’s not the “all business” runs, we have lots of fun, we are not here to become top raid group but to just enjoy being with people. It’s a long-time group, been going on as a group for many years, same people. I’ve been with them since Legion when Emerald Nightmare was current.

Hard to say. Alot of people on here and a few other places were inactive service people working in the government or certain industry jobs. During the epidemic they were recalled to service. Some had to leave the area these service clusters are in and are in another area learning another language or getting used to it again. I’m not sure they will play there or they will be playing the original version of the game which is a full non expansion version. It isn’t available here and it’s other similar games.

Several got recalled to service. When I got attacked they just reminded me I’m an inactive officer in an active situation. I have active officers in my neighbourhood and working on others that seem far to interested in causing older injured officers trouble. The sourcers and magicians are in town with the librarians of the Red Black unit as their ships came to shore again. You can see them above you. It’s funny how the cloud cammo works you can see the drone escort flocks by some. I saw one of the big cargo cariers land in Vancouver and also Hog take his ship over top with the classic piggy cloud cammo. I’ve not seen that thing since I was a little kid so must be his grandkid on piloting.