Does Anyone From Oldschool Bladefist Still Play?

Hi Bladefisters (and Kul Tirans)!

I just got back after a long hiatus, and while on my DK I noticed that Bladefist seems rather dead now, even more than it was in MoP. It seems that many players quit, xferred, or changed names. But I’m wondering if there’s anyone I knew from WotLK/Cata/MoP that still plays.

PS: This is Wriggly, the tauren/human hunter.

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yep. a few of us still around

This name prolly better than my banker

I remember seeing you around Org a lot back in Cata/Mop. Those were the days.

Hey Wriggly, hows it going. I’m not on Bladefist anymore and most people I know either moved realms or changed names or quit. Here are some people I remember that I would like to catch up with.

Audio, Poptartcat, Engrade, Kittens, Middlebeach, Bukkum, Xhale and a bunch of other names not coming into my head right now. Hope you are all doing well. I miss the old days, very much.

Still here from bc days

Still around from BC/Wrath , but no longer on Bladefist.

Still on good ole bladefist for now