Does anyone from Maelstrom remember Phloppy?

I was wondering if there is anyone around from the old days when Phloppy was on US-Maelstrom. I recently made a video about him and his memorial NPC in Dun Morogh, and thought I would share it on his home realm's forum:

I didn't know him personally, but he sounds like he was one of a kind.
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I was around and Alliance in the Phloppy days. Those were some good times and we typically only won AV if he was in there leading the charge. For whatever reason people listened to him.
Apparently all these dwarves from vanilla just merge together in my head. I remember the name. I'm sure we'd clashed at some point. Didn't realize he had a memorial dedicated to him.
I only ever had a few interactions with him back in the Vanilla but he was a really nice guy. I remember he crafted the whole Imperial Plate set for me and refused to take any sort of tip for his effort.

Chestur is 100% right, back in Vanilla the Alliance sucked at AV unless Phloppy was leading the group.
I remember Phloppy and Phlippy. He was always helping peeps and the AV were so fun. Glad they gave him a memorial in game. Makes me tear up when i go "see" his toon. Anywho glad you made the video. and thanx for making me tear up again lol
Holy crap. I did quite a few Phloppy AV runs back in the day. Always loved defending alliance towns when he was around, he'd always participate. I didn't know about this story though, or maybe I pushed it in the back of my mind. This is pretty sad. Was a fun guy.
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What a beautiful tribute. I had no idea ... Ashamed to say that I lost touch after going Horde but the memories of a decade ago are strong. So many AV runs during the honor grind, always much more fun and positive when Phloppy was leading. A wonderful person and a friend to all.
I had no idea we'd lost Phloppy during my 7 year WoW hiatus. I am so sad, as AV with Phloppy was one of my foundest Maelstrom memories.

Thanks for all the responses, everyone! It's wonderful to see that all these years later, Phloppy is still remembered so well.

What really impresses me is how many people have recalled his AV leadership, not only here in this thread, but in the collection of guildies/friends' memories one of his guildies sent to me when I was making the video. Maybe it was different back in vanilla (I still think of myself as a Wrath era latecomer to the game!), but I've never been in an AV where a single person could consistently change the outcome of the battle. Usually, it seems the people with the good ideas are ignored. That Phloppy could and did routinely lead his side to victory is a testament to the sheer amount of charisma and personality he had.
I would like to add my voice to this coversation. I also remember the good times in Phloppy's AV's. It seemed like Phlippy and Phloppy were unstoppable and we all knew if we could get in there it would be a guaranteed win. :)
I remember Phloppy.. had no idea he passed away :( He was awesome though, happy that there's a memorial to him in the game!
I remember Phloppy! The PvP guys I used to run with basically didn't even bother to queue AV unless Phloppy was running one. Sad that he's gone.

There weren't too many other dwarf pvpers, it was always fun to see him running around.
Yeah, cool guy.

Didn't know him as well as others though...
I remember him too. RIP
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That Phloppy could and did routinely lead his side to victory is a testament to the sheer amount of charisma and personality he had.

Charisma and personality, yes, but also, more importantly, knowledge and hard work.

Phloppy didn't start by winning Alterac Valley battles, back in the day when the battles were 20 hour slugfests over the bridge until the Horde finally won. No, he started with small successes: getting a small group together to recap a couple of towers or to do the work needed to summon the Stormpike cavalry. With these successes, he built a cadre of people who would go with him on his special missions.

When he had enough people - when he could gather maybe half a dozen or a dozen people for a counterattack - he and whatever group he gathered started trying to take out Galvanger. There were plenty of wipes before we finally had a success.

That was really the turning point. With the Galvanger buff, we could break into the Frostwolf base. At that point, it became much easier to convince people to join the assault and win.

I really miss him, and I really miss those days.
My wife and I were in The Shadow Watch with him.
Bit of a bump, but I remember interacting with Phloppy a little. He really was an AV legend, a shame to hear he passed away. Old school Maelstrom!

Damn, Im sorry I didn’t notice this thread earlier. But Phloppy was truly amazing and a great person. He never had to ask me twice to come help in pvp. His AV’s were legendary but most importantly he was simply fun to be around.

I teared a little watching the video.




Haven’t looked at AV the same since.

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I think mage bombs were more of an Invictus thing. His AVs were good too.