Does anyone else get in-game spam?

It doesn’t happen every day, but every now and again, I’ll open my mailbox to find spam in there from somebody else asking me to buy gold. I report the message and continue on, but I’ll continue to receive them.

Isn’t advertising gold selling illegal/against the TOS?

Here’s one I received just yesterday. They all tend to read the same, and usually just the site name is changed between different letters/messages:

"Dear Friend;
Sorry to bother, MMORPGGold is a professional website selling WOW Classic gold and professional power leveling.

We provide:

  • Cheap price
  • 24 * hour service
  • Delivery 5-15 minutes
  • Secure Transaction
  • 5% extra gold as bonus automatically

Please contact the live chat for more help


Yeah, on 1 or 2 characters, I get that garbage pretty frequently. It’s pretty annoying.

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I wouldn’t include the message in your post lol… you literally have a link to a gold selling site and Blizzard might take that the wrong way even though you’re not actually the one selling the gold.

When you talk about gold selling spam mail we already know what site(s) you’re talking about since I’m pretty sure we all get the same mail spam too.


She did it on purpose to sell gold

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Or perhaps I didn’t know other people also got these messages… hence why I was asking? If I was the one selling gold, why would I be stupid enough as to post the link? I included the whole message so if Blizzard does see this, they know who to go after.

But apparently people already know.

I’m sorry- I guess I must really be stupid. How dare I not know something I don’t know.

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Yep I just report them daily, gotten a few in-game mail from blizzard giving me a thankful letter on reporting them


yeah like once every 3-4 days. I report them, but the letters just come back.

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Yeah. Just report for spamming and hope the ban hammer catches the entire account, not just the character

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Yeah I get them too. I usually report them, but like always they’ll either come back with a new account or find a new way to reach out. I remember there being a few addons to minimize the spam received, but I don’t remember the names of them. Anyone have suggestions?

Same here, I have been getting these gold selling ads in my toons’ mailboxes too, frequently, one after another in the same game session every time I check the mail. I have been playing WoW Classic for about 4 months now, off and on, and this has started for me just recently, the past couple of weeks. Seems to me someone is using a bot to change the name of the poster every time it is dismissed or reported, and I have been reporting them every time. I remember these gold selling come-ons appearing quite frequently in Trade Chat on Retail too, and I reported them every time I saw them. I don’t like gold selling in MMORPGs, it is a scam, as I read too many horror stories of people’s accounts being stolen.

Since this thread is 3 months or so old, this seems to be a continuing problem. Makes me wonder what exactly Blizzard is doing about it, if anything. I would really like to know, as I am so sick and tired of these gold spam crap showing up in my toon’s mailboxes. Enough already!!

I understand this post is a necro…the moment you do get back, I advise removing the spam website, from the OP. Otherwise, it can be seen as:

Not just from Posters but from Blizzard, as well. Please edit it out.

But, to answer your question, yes, I’ve been receiving them and mark them as spam and move on.

Maybe replace the actual link with something like [link to gold-buying website here] or something similar.

Anyways, I’ve been getting the same message both on Classic and on retail. Somewhat bothersome.